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Lauren Sullivan

Postdoctoral Associate

I am a postdoctoral associate at the University of Minnesota working with Dr. Allison Shaw. Together, we are answering questions related to the causes and consequences of species movement. Specifically, we are developing mathematical models to help understand how plant-animal interactions, like herbivory, influence the invasion rates of species on the landscape. As I am a plant ecologist by training, I am also working with common plant traits like seed mass and height, to see how they influence the dispersal abilities of common grassland species. I received my PhD from Iowa State University in 2014. As a graduate student I focused on how different environmental factors, like soil nutrients and herbivores, influenced the reproductive output and movement of grassland species, experimentally. While in Iowa I set up several experiments, including a large-scale prairie restoration in the middle of town. I am particularly interested in working with local communities to promote conservation and native ecosystem awareness through both science and art. In my free time, I enjoy botonizing, funky soul music, and events that involve both running and eating.

Areas of interest: movement, community ecology, population ecology, theory, experimental design, Bayesian statistics, restoration ecology, ecological education

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