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Maj Rundlöf

Postdoctoral Associate


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Research statement

My current research focus is the combination of landscape ecology and ecotoxicology, where I explore how the exposure to plant protection products and other pressures influence bees. In the DELETE project (DEveloping Landscape Ecotoxicology in Terrestrial Ecosystems: Pesticide Exposure and Effects on Bees) I conduct empirical landscape ecological experiments, where we assess how pesticide exposure and food availability determine the development and reproduction in bumble bee colonies and populations and the pollination services that the bees provide. I am visiting the Forbes lab as an International Career Grant Fellow to combine findings from the field studies with individual based modeling to see it the results can be generalized.

Recent publications

Rundlöf, M., Andersson, G.K.S., Bommarco, R., Fries, I., Hederström, V., Herbertsson, L., Jonsson, O., Klatt, B.K., Pedersen, T.R., Yourstone, J., Smith, H.G. 2015. Seed coating with a neonicotinoid insecticide negatively affects wild bees. Nature 521: 77-80. (doi:10.1038/nature14420)

Rundlöf, M., Persson, A.S., Smith, H.G., Bommarco, R. 2014. Late-season mass-flowering red clover increases bumble bee queen and male densities. Biological Conservation 172:138-145. (doi:10.1016/j.biocon.2014.02.027)

Garibaldi, L.A., Steffan-Dewenter, I., Winfree, R., Aizen, M.A., Bommarco, R., Cunningham, S.A., Kremen, C., Carvalheiro, L.G., Harder, L.D., Afik, O., Bartomeus, I., Benjamin, F., Boreux, V., Cariveau, D., Chacoff, N.P., Dudenhöffer, J.H., Freitas, B.M., Chazoul, J., Greenleaf, S., Hipólito, J., Holzschuh, A., Howlett, B., Isaacs, R., Javorek, S.K., Kennedy, C.M., Krewenka, K., Krishnan, S., Mandelik, Y., Mayfield, M.M., Motzke, I., Munyuli, T., Nault, B.A., Otieno, M., Petersen, J., Pisanty, G., Potts, S.G., Rader, R., Ricketts, T.H., Rundlöf, M., Seymour, C.L., Schüepp, C., Szentgyörgyi, H., Taki, H., Tscharntke, T., Vergara, C.H., Viana, B.F., Wanger, T.C., Westphal, C., Williams, N., Klein, A.M. 2013. Wild pollinators enhance fruit set of crops regardless of honey-bee abundance. Science 339:1608-1611. (doi:10.1126/science.1230200)



402 Ecology Building
1987 Upper Buford Circle
St. Paul, MN 55108