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Martha Scott Johnson

Academic Advisor

Martha Scott JohnsonName/Pronouns
Martha Scott Johnson

BSBA International Business and Business Management from Appalachian State University, 2011

MEd Higher Education and Student Affairs from the University of South Carolina, 2015

Life before CBS and Campus and Community Affiliations
Prior to joining CBS I coordinated community service programs for the University of South Carolina as a graduate student and for Converse College as an AmeriCorps*VISTA (BONUS! Ask me about my brief stint in management in Target stores). I'm grateful for these experiences for helping me develop a sense of commitment to community and have devoted a lot of my personal energy to service and advocacy since then. At the moment I'm particularly engaged by youth development--I've been volunteering with Bolder Options where I mentor a youth around health and wellness and serve on the Alumni Program Advisory Board.

Favorite part of the job?
As an advisor you might think I'm just there to talk with students about course planning, but what I really enjoy about my work is getting to know students and finding about their interests and experiences outside of the classroom. My focus as an advisor is to encourage students to develop their sense of self by challenging them to think critically about their choices and reflect on their experiences. In that, I appreciate having the opportunity to support them through both challenges and successes.

Current passions, hobbies, things that give you joy?
Outside of work I spend a great deal of time outdoors camping, hiking, cycling, and running. In 2014 I completed a cross country cycling tour to benefit affordable housing (Ask me about Bike&Build). Since then I've participated in several state rides and local cycling events and am always looking for my next big adventure! Depending on the time of year you can also find me singing in a choir, playing the piano, and playing broomball or kickball.


3-104 MCB
420 Washington Avenue SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455