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Mary Sumner

Research scholar


FLYSY Laboratory website

  • BSc Zoology, University of Glasgow, 2012
  • MSc Entomology, Harper Adams University, 2014 
Research statement

Working in insect behaviour and rearing, with emphasis on predatory diptera 

Recent/relevant publications

Fabian, ST, Sumner, ME, Wardill, TJ, Rossoni, S, Gonzalez-Bellido, PT (2018). Interception by two predatory fly species is explained by a proportional navigation feedback controller. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 15, 20180466. 
Vuts, J., Woodcock, C.M., Sumner, M.E., Caulfield, J.C., Reed, K., Inward, D.J., Leather, S.R., Pickett, J.A., Birkett, M.A. and Denman, S., 2016. Responses of the two‚Äźspotted oak buprestid, Agrilus biguttatus (Coleoptera: Buprestidae), to host tree volatiles. Pest management science, 72(4), pp.845-851. 


307 Gortner Lab
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