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Rebecca Hochstein

Postdoctoral Researcher

Curriculum Vitae

Forbes Laboratory

Research Statement

My postdoctoral research, under the direction of Dr. Valery Forbes and Dr. Mike Sadowsky, involves the investigation of the gut microbiome of the marine worm Capitella teleta, an opportunistic marine polychaete often found at high densities after oil spills and in association with other organic pollution. The overall goal is to explore the relationship between the worm and its microbiome by examining both how contaminant exposure alters the microbiome and the role of bacteria and archaea in contaminant metabolism and sediment bioremediation.


Acidianus tailed spindle virus: a new archaeal large tailed spindle virus discovered by culture-independent methods. Hochstein, R., Amenabar, M., Munson-McGee, J., Boyd, E.S., and Young, M.J. 2016. Journal of Virology. 90(7):3458-3468.

Large Tailed Spindle Viruses of Archaea: a New Way of Doing Viral Business. Hochstein, R., Bollschweiler, D., Engelhardt, H., Lawrence, CM., and Young, M. 2015. Journal of Virology 89(18):9146-9149



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