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Ryoko Kuriyama, PhD



Research Interests

The research in Kuriyama's focuses on the cell cycle and cell growth control in mammalian cells, and current efforts are oriented towards understanding the molecular mechanism and regulation of mitosis and cytoplasmic division using multidisciplinary experimental approaches. Molecular components of the mitotic spindle and spindle poles were analyzed by establishing the isolation procedure of highly purified mitotic spindles from synchronized cultured cells, followed by generation of monoclonal antibodies and screening of expression as well as two hybrid libraries. Among dozens of molecules identified, the lab currently focus on centrosomal components located at each spindle pole, and a microtubule motor protein essential for completion of cytokinesis via its interaction with small G-proteins and actin filaments at the spindle midzone. By introducing small interfering RNA and rescue constructs, the lab evaluates their roles in the assembly and function of centrosomes, and coordination of cell cycle events during cell division cycle.


6-134 MCB
420 Washington Avenue SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455