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Tamar Resnick

Teaching Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies - Biology Major


Degrees earned

  • ScB, Biology, Brown University, 2000
  • PhD, Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2007

 Curriculum Vitae

Research interests

Active learning for different personality and learning types; regulation of developmental timing, function of small regulatory RNAs such as microRNAs


  • Golden Pipette Award winner – Most Engaging Professor, Lower Division, 2017
  • National Institutes of Health NRSA Fellowship, 2009 - 2011
  • College of Biological Sciences Developmental Biology Fellowship, University of Minnesota, 2008-2009
  • Anna Fuller Graduate Fellowship, MIT, 2005-2006
  • Harvey Lodish Service Award, Whitehead Institute, 2006
  • Presidential Fellowship, MIT 2001-2002
  • William Gaston Prize for Academic Excellence in Biological Sciences, Brown University, 2000

Research statement

I am interested in how active learning may lead to different experiences or outcomes for students with varied personality types or learning styles. I am also pursuing ongoing research in molecular biology and development. In particular, I am exploring genetic control of developmental timing and the role of microRNAs in development.

Teaching statement

Guiding students through a process of learning, not only to understand scientific concepts, but to begin to think like a scientist is uniquely rewarding for me. My first training as an educator was around service learning, and I was amazed by the way in which students demonstrated fantastic enthusiasm, creativity, and mastery of the course material when they were asked to apply their knowledge to a real-life scenario. One of my important roles as a teacher is to help students see how systems fulfill important biological needs. I want my students to think critically about these systems and cultivate analytical methods for solving problems, testing ideas, and explaining observations.

Favorite teaching innovation or approach

I love the flipped classroom – using class time for active and investigative learning – it is especially terrific for the sciences, which are fundamentally about inquiry and problem solving.

Courses taught

  • General Biology (Biol 1009), University of Minnesota
  • Foundations of Biology (Biol 1951), University of Minnesota
  • Foundations of Biology (BIOL 2003), University of Minnesota
  • Cell Biology and Genetics (Biology 125), St. Olaf College
  • Biology of Women (Biology 124), St. Olaf College

Representative publications

TD Resnick, B Werre*, E Porter*, D Hernandez Aquino*, A Frand, AE Rougvie. Regulatory elements of the mir-241/mir-48 locus in C. elegans developmental timing. (in preparation) *indicates undergraduate student

S Katz, V Meli, G Monsalve, H Maul-Newby, I Kasgarli, T Resnick, J Yochem, D Fay, A Frand. C. elegans FBN-1 is an apical ECM protein essential for epidermal morphogenesis and tensional integrity during molting. (submitted)

TD Resnick, KA McCulloch, AE Rougvie. miRNAs give worms the time of their lives: small RNAs and temporal control in Caenorhabditis elegans, Dev Dyn. 2010 May; 239(5):1477-89.

TD Resnick, KJ Dej, Y Xiang, RS Hawley, C Ahn, TL Orr-Weaver. Mutations in the chromosomal passenger complex and the condensin complex differentially affect synaptonemal complex disassembly and metaphase I configuration in Drosophila female meiosis, Genetics. 2009 Mar; 181(3):875-87.

TD Resnick, DL Satinover, F MacIsaac, T Stukenberg, WC Earnshaw, TL Orr-Weaver, M Carmena. INCENP and Aurora B promote meiotic sister-chromatid cohesion through localization of the Shugoshin MEI-S332 in Drosophila, Dev Cell. 2006 Jul; 11(1):57-68.

Recent presentations, invited seminars and workshops

Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research National Meeting participant, 2014

National Academies NorthStart Summer Institute for Undergraduate Biology Education participant, 2013

Poster: Regulation of the mir-241/mir-48 locus in C. elegans developmental timing,

T. Resnick, B. Werre, E. Porter, D. Hernandez Aquino, A. Rougvie. Developmental Biology Symposium, Minneapolis, MN. September 2013.

Seminar: Regulation & function of mir-48/241 in developmental timing, T. Resnick, B. Werre, E. Porter, D. Hernandez, A. Rougvie. Frand lab, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA. February 2013.

Poster: Regulation and function of the let-7-related miRNA miR-48 in developmental timing, T. Resnick, B. Werre, A. Rougvie. 18th International C. elegans Meeting, Los Angeles, CA. June 2011.

Professional experience

  • Teaching Assistant Professor, Department of Biology Teaching and Learning, 2014-present
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Minnesota, 2007-2014
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, St. Olaf College, 2011-2012
  • Practicum in Science Education: Service Learning, Portland State University, 2000-2001

Professional service

  • STE(A)M Education Day presenter, Lake Harriet Community School, 2014-2015
  • Peer Review Board member, Journal of Visualized Experiments, 2011-Present
  • Reviewer of Undergraduate Honors Theses, April 2009

5-212 Moos
515 Delaware Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455