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Thu Truong

Assistant Professor

Research statement

My laboratory research is focused in the areas of cancer stem cells and cancer metabolism. Our current objectives are focused on defining how steroid receptors (e.g., estrogen receptor [ER], progesterone receptor [PR]) and their associated co-activators mediate the survival and expansion of breast CSCs with emphasis on altered oncogenic signaling pathways and metabolic reprogramming.

Selected publications

  • Truong, T.H., Benner, B., Hagen, K.M., Temiz, N.A., Perez Kerkvliet, C., Wang, Y., Cortes-Sanchez, E., Yang, C.-H., Trousdell, M.C., Pengo, T., Guillen, K.P., Welm, B.E., Dos Santos, C.O., Telang, S., Lange, C.A., and Ostrander, J.H. (2021). “PELP1/SRC-3 dependent regulation of metabolic kinases drives therapy resistant ER+ breast cancer.” Oncogene. 40(25): 4384-4397.
  • Dwyer, A.R., Truong T.H., Perez Kerkvliet, C., Paul, K.V., Kabos, P., Sartorius, C.A., and Lange, C.A. (2021). “Insulin receptor substrate-1 (IRS-1) mediates progesterone receptor-driven stemness and endocrine resistance in ER+ breast cancer.” Brit. J. Cancer. 124 (1), 217-227.
  • Truong, T.H.*, Dwyer, A.R.*, Diep, C., Hu, H., Hagen, K.M., and Lange, C.A. (2019). “Phosphorylated progesterone receptor isoforms mediate opposing stem-like and proliferative breast cancer cell fates.” Endocrinology. 160(2), 430-446. *Equal contribution
  • Truong, T.H., Hu, H., Temiz, N.A., Hagen, K.M., Girard, B.J., Brady, N.J., Schwertfeger, K.L., Lange, C.A., and Ostrander, J.H. (2018). “Cancer Stem Cell Phenotypes in ER+ Breast Cancer Models Are Promoted by PELP1/AIB1 Complexes.” Mol. Cancer Res. 16 (4) 707-719.
  • Truong, T.H., and Lange, C.A. (2018). “Tracking Steroid Receptor Crosstalk in Hormone-Driven Cancers.” Endocrinology, 159(12), 3897-3907.
  • Truong, T.H., Ung, P.M., Palde, P.B., Paulsen, C.E., Schlessinger, A., and Carroll, K.S. (2016). “Molecular Basis for Redox Activation of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Kinase.” Cell Chem. Biol. 23 (7), 837-848.
  • Truong, T.H. and Carroll, K.S. (2012). “Redox Regulation of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Signaling through Cysteine Oxidation.” Biochemistry. 51 (50), 9954-9965.
  • Paulsen, C.E., Truong, T.H., Garcia, F.J., Homann, A., Gupta V., Leonard, S.E., Carroll, K.S. (2011). “Peroxide-dependent sulfenylation of the EGFR catalytic site enhances kinase activity.” Nat. Chem. Biol. 8 (1), 57-64.


  • Postdoctoral Fellow - University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center
  • Ph.D. in Chemistry (Chemical Biology) - University of Michigan, 2014
  • B.S. in Chemistry - Texas A&M University, 2008

6-212 MCB
420 Washington Ave. S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455