Daniel Larkin
Office Address

1980 Folwell Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108
United States



Assistant Professor
Ecology, Evolution and Behavior

I am a plant ecologist working at the intersection of basic and applied community ecology to advance the science and practice of ecological restoration. In the human-dominated landscapes where my students and I work, invasive plant species motivate and frustrate many restoration efforts, making invasion biology an integral component of our research. 

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Selected publications

  • Tonietto, R. K., and D. J. Larkin. 2017. Habitat restoration benefits wild bees: a meta-analysis. Journal of Applied Ecology DOI 10.1111/1365-2664.13012.
  •  Barak, R. S., E. W. Williams, A. L. Hipp, M. L. Bowles, G. Carr, R. Sherman, and D. J. Larkin. 2017. Restored tallgrass prairies have reduced phylogenetic diversity compared with remnants. Journal of Applied Ecology 54:1080–1090. 
  • Tonietto, R. K., J. S. Ascher, and D. J. Larkin. 2017. Bee communities along a prairie restoration chronosequence: similar abundance and diversity, distinct composition. Ecological Applications 27:705–717.   
  • Larkin, D. J., S. K. Jacobi, A. L. Hipp, and A. T. Kramer. 2016. Keeping all the PIECES: phylogenetically informed ex situ conservation of endangered species. PLoS ONE 11: e0156973. 
  • Barak, R. S., A. L. Hipp, J. Cavender-Bares, W. D. Pearse, S. C. Hotchkiss, J. C. Callaway, E. A. Lynch, R. Calcote, and D. J. Larkin. 2016. Taking the long view: Integrating recorded, paleoecological, and evolutionary information into ecological restoration. International Journal of Plant Sciences 177:90–102. 
  • Fant, J. B., A. L. Price, and D. J. Larkin. 2016. The influence of habitat disturbance on genetic structure and reproductive strategies within stands of native and non-native Phragmites australis (common reed). Diversity and Distributions 22:1301–1313. 
  • Larkin, D. J., A. L. Hipp, J. Kattge, W. Prescott, R. K. Tonietto, S. K. Jacobi, and M. L. Bowles. 2015. Phylogenetic measures of plant communities show long-term change and impacts of fire management in tallgrass prairie remnants. Journal of Applied Ecology 52:1638–1648. 
  • Glisson, W. J., R. S. Brady, A. T. Paulios, S. K. Jacobi, and D. J. Larkin. 2015. Sensitivity of secretive marsh birds to vegetation condition in natural and restored wetlands in Wisconsin. Journal of Wildlife Management. 79:1101–1116.     
  • Larkin, D. J., J. F. Steffen, R. M. Gentile, and C. R. Zirbel. 2014. Ecosystem changes following restoration of a buckthorn-invaded woodland. Restoration Ecology 22:89–97. 
  • Larkin, D. J. 2012. Lengths and correlates of lag phases in upper-Midwest plant invasions. Biological Invasions 14:827–838.