Installing Origin 9.0

This guide will detail how to install Origin 9.0 SR2 on Windows computers connected to the University of Minnesota network.

In order to run this software, you will either need to be on campus connected to the Internet or while off campus, you must use VPN. This software is not available for Macintosh systems unless it is running Windows in some way (Parallels, Bootcamp, etc.)

Installing Origin

To start, please map the CBS shared drive using this guide. Once mapped, navigate to // In the USERS folder, there will be a folder called Origin with a setup file and a small text file with the license key in it.  Please copy this setup file to your computer.

You will need to run this setup file as an Administrator. If you are not an administrator on your computer, please email and request temporary administrative access from CBS-IT.

After you go through the first few normal installation steps, you'll be shown this window. Please select the first option shown above, "Install Product" and click Next.

You will need to fill in credentials here. Please enter your UofM email address for the "User Name" field. Enter "University of Minnesota" for the "Company Name" and for the serial number, please go back to the folder on the shared drive and look in the license.txt file. Copy/paste this into the final field.

Just confirming your information!

You'll need to launch the Origin program as an administrator at some point in order to finish the licensing. Please check this box.

This is up to you, but I'd recommend keeping both versions of Origin around in case something imported needs a certain version. 

Allow setup to create this folder if it doesn't exist. 

If you get this far, Origin is installing! You're almost done! Just launch the program as an administrator after the install to complete the licensing. You'll be taken to this directory once the program finishes installing.

I'd recommend opening the 64bit version, but if you can't, open the 32bit. You'll be presented with this:

Define whichever folder you want, but this will be the folder that keeps all of your Origin files, so make sure you can find it! Origin will then open:

Activating Origin

Once you launch Origin for the first time, you'll be presented with this dialog box. Enter the serial number and the FLEXIm Server given in the license_information.txt file on the shared drive. Then hit "Update"



If you get this window, Origin is set up correctly! Proceed with use of the program.