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U Card

Be sure to stop by the U Card office in Coffman Union to pick up your U Card. You will need this - along with the training listed below to have access to the labs. U Card office location & hours can be found at

W-4 Tax Form

Complete online:


You may choose to be paid direct deposit or by paycheck.

  • Direct deposit: enroll online at
  • Paper paycheck: pick up on payday after 1:00 pm in 6-155 Jackson Hall
Training (mandatory)
  1. Radiation Safety Orientation: Follow the link, log in with your UMN x500/web ID, and use "RADSAFETY" as the enrollment key: Course Link
  2. Bloodborne Pathogen Training: Course Link
  3. Lab Safety Training: Course Link
    • All three must be completed: Introduction to Research Safety, Chemical Safety, & Chemical Waste Management
  4. Privacy and Data Security Training: Course Link
  5. Respect in the Workplace: Course Link
NHH, MCB and Moos Tower Access Instructions
  1. U-card Access Request: Your faculty advisor/PI MUST go to the AHC website to complete and submit the ON-LINE U-card Access Request before you start to work in his/her lab. The form is the only method of communication that AHCRBMS will accept.
  2. Presentation of your U-card at one of the Info. Desks: After web-based training has been completed, you must bring your U-card to the NHH or MCB Info Desk got copying.
  3. Completion of "Blgd-Mgmt Info Form": At the Info desk, an "information" form must be completed (for PeopleSoft ID, e-mail address, lab location, phone #, etc.)

***After training is completed and the three requirements above are met and verified, your card will be activated, within one business day.

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