Student Printing


Each semester, CBS undergraduates receive a $10 credit to a printing account on their UCard to use on two dedicated CBS printers, one in Moos Tower on East Bank and one in the Biological Sciences building on the St. Paul Campus. Unused Fall semester balances carry forward to Spring semester. Balances reset to $0 at end of academic year. Additional prints use students’ Gopher Gold accounts at a CBS rate of 10¢/page; University rate is 12¢/page.


In an effort to reduce the cost of printing course materials to CBS Undergrads, students are given a $10 printing credit on a special account on their UCard each semester to print from CBS student  printers.

This credit can be used at the printers in the following locations:

  • BioCommons student lounge in 2-585 Moos Tower, on the East Bank.
  • Outside of the basement student lounge of the Biological Sciences building, on the St. Paul Campus.

Each CBS Undergrad will automatically receive the $10 print credit at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters.  Once the $10 is used up for the semester, additional prints use Gopher Gold accounts at a CBS rate of $0.10/page, slightly discounted from the regular University rate of $0.12/page.  Remaining print credit balances carry over from Fall to Spring semester, and are reset to $0 at the end of each academic year.

Getting Started

Printing credits are automatically distributed to actively enrolled CBS Undergraduate students at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester.  The two listed CBS printers will automatically use any available printing credit before defaulting to Gopher Gold accounts.  

If you did not receive your printing credit after the start of Fall or Spring semester and are an actively enrolled CBS Undergraduate, please contact CBS-RLT by email ( or phone (612-301-7581).


Student printing:

  • Additional printing credits are not given for Winter, May, or Summer terms.  
  • Printing credit can only be used at the two printer locations listed.
  • Only students with a CBS undergraduate major are eligible for the printing credit.


  • Student printing - $0.10/page after $10 credit is used up.


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