Zebrafish Resources

Zebrafish Labs

  • Bruce Brandhorst Lab: Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC. Androgenetic and gynogenetic zebrafish and imprinting.

  • Wolfgang Driever Lab: Harvard Medical School. Mutagenesis screen for pattern formation genes and genome mapping.

  • Walter Gilbert Lab: Harvard. Blastomere fate mapping.

  • Perry Hackett Lab: Univ. of MN researchers: development, gene regulation, repetitive DNA elements, and transgenics.

  • Randall Moon: University of Washington. Zebrafish and Xenopus cell signaling, fate and behaviour. Note reagents list.

  • Paul Myers Lab: Temple University, Penn. Neurogenesis, time-lapse of growth cones and early development.

  • Christiane Nusslein-Volhard Lab: Max-Planck, Tubingen. Zebrafish mutagenesis screen, genome mapping, stockcenter.

  • Didier Stainier Lab: UC San Francisco. Genetic analysis of heart formation.

Other Resources