CBS Circles

Join a CBS Circle to help you transcend the checklist mentality and make the most of your remaining time in CBS by doing something that matters to you. 

Students work on a project in a group

CBS Circles are a professional development program for CBS juniors, seniors, and transfer students. Circles are small groups of students who meet regularly to learn, develop, and connect with one another. Each group is focused around a specific topic or goal and will share the common thread of small group peer support. CBS Circles include Catalyst Circles and Curiosity Circles and each Circle is facilitated by a paid CBS Circle Guide who designs the topic or goal of that Circle. 

Catalyst Circles 
Catalyst Circles are groups designed by CBS students to initiate change or action in themselves and their peers around a goal. Previous Catalyst Circles included pre-professional school preparationexploring career options, finding research opportunities, and getting involved on campus.

Curiosity Circles
CBS students design Curiosity Circles to explore a topic of personal interest in more depth with their peers. Previous Curiosity Circle topics included reading books, coding, animal conservation, stress management and learning about immunology.

CBS Circle Guide Profiles

Danielle Amundson, Community Perspectives: Healthcare in the Arts and Media Circle
Danielle Amundsen"By leading a CBS Circle, I had the opportunity to meet other students interested in both the art and science of healthcare," Danielle Amundsen. Read more



Cameron Gray, Science, Philosophy, and Vonnegut Circle
Cameron Gray"I have never had this much creative control in a leadership setting, where I am coming up with all of our agendas and taking feedback from the group about what topics we should explore. That is definitely the highlight of this leadership experience," Cameron Gray. Read more