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Teaching Science Through Active Learning

HHMI postdocs learn and apply principles of active-learning to teach undergraduates

National Academies Midwest Northstar Summer Institute

One of the many National Academies Summer Institutes for Undergraduate Education in Biology held at academic institutions across the nation, the National Academies Midwest Northstar Summer Institute is held on the University of Minnesota's campus. The 2013 Summer Institute will take place from July 8-13.

HHMI postdocs are among those who participate in this 5-day workshop. Each year, faculty and instructional staff from colleges and universities in the region are invited to participate in the Midwest Northstar Summer Institute.

Participants at the Midwest Northstar Summer Institute go through a process of (reflective) writing, planning, reading, researching, discussing teaching methods, and developing active-learning teaching materials that participants can use at their home institutions in the ensuing academic year.

This event is made possible by HHMI and the National Academies.

Postdocs Teach Active-Learning Classes

HHMI postdocs will have the opportunity to hone their teaching skills by teaching in the University's state-of-the-art active learning classrooms (ALC). Using active-learning strategies, they will strive to transform students into active participants in the classroom.

These are the classes our postdocs have taught (or will teach):

Brian Gibbens

BIOL 2002 Foundations of Biology I

BIOL 2003 Foundations of Biology II

BIOL 1905 Freshman Seminar: How to Win a Nobel Prize

Sadie Hebert

BIOL 1003 Evolution of Biology and Sex (teaches her bean beetle lab)

Bao Vang

BIOL 1010 Human Biology

MICB 4132 Immunology

Mary Williams

BIOL 2003 Foundations of Biology II

Anna Strain

BIOL 2002 Foundations of Biology I

BIOL 2003 Foundations of Biology II

BIOL 1010 Human Biology (taught in Jane Phillip's class)

BIOL 1905 Freshman Seminar:I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

Annika Moe

BIOL 1001 Evolutionary and Ecological Perspectives (co-teaching with Craig Packer)

Will Soto

BIOL 2002 Foundations of Biology I

Active Learning Laboratory

Justin Fendos

BIOL 1905 Freshman Seminar: Be Like Jobs

Active Learning Laboratory

Elizabeth Bastiaans

BIOL 1905 Freshman Seminar: What's the Alternative to Alternative Medicine (co-teaching with Marlene Zuk)

Active Learning Laboratory

Amin Hajimorad

BIOL 3700 Synthetic Biology