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People in the Hobbie Lab

Graduate Students

Sally Donovan, PhD student (co-advised with Jeannine Cavender-Bares)
Megan Wilcots, PhD student (co-advised with Elizabeth Borer)
Lang DeLancey, PhD student (co-advised with Peter Kennedy)
Erin Mittag, PhD student (co-advised with Jacques Finlay)


Adrienne Keller

Alumni - Graduate Students

Amy Broadmoore, Media Specialist, Myers-Wilkins Elementary School
William Eddy, Postdoc, University of Illinois
Dan Hernandez, Associate Professor, Carleton College
Clare Kazanski, Science Lead for Sustainable Grazing Lands Strategy, North America, The Nature Conservancy, Website
Bonnie Keeler, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota
Ted Kennedy, Research Scientist, Grand Canyon Research & Monitoring Center
Rachel King, postdoc, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Kendra McLauchlan, Program Director, National Science Foundation
Daniel Nidzgorski, Limnologist, King's County, Washington
Christine O'Connell, Assistant Professor, Macalester College
Melissa Pastore, postdoc, University of Vermont
Paul Rabie, USGS
Charlotte Riggs, Physical Scientist, UGSG.
Craig See, postdoc, Northern Arizona University
Marissa Weiss, Program Coordinator at Science Policy Exchange, Harvard Forest
Pamela Weisenhorn, Assistant Computational Ecologist, Argonne National Lab
Kyle Whittinghill, Lecturer, University of Pittsburgh. Website

Alumni - Post-Docs

Carol Adair, Associate Professor, University of Vermont
Cinzia Fissore, Associate Professor, Whittier College
Ian Dickie, Professor, University of Canterbury
Feike Dikstra, Professor, Univ of Sydney
Javier Espeleta, Visiting Scholar, University of Washington
Allison Gill, Assistant Professor, Williams College
Ashley Keiser, Assistant Professor, UMass-Amherst
Laurie Kellogg, Attorney
Kevin Mueller, Assistant Professor, Cleveland State University
Josep Padulles Cubino, postdoc, Masaryk University
Adam Kay, Professor, University of St. Thomas
Gina Rumore, Program Development Director, Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota
John Schade, Program Director, National Science Foundation
Chris Walter, Website, postdoc, West Virginia University
Jason West, Associate Professor, Texas A&M University