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2019 Donor Honor Roll

The college gratefully acknowledges the following donors, who have generously provided support for scholarships and fellowships, research, outreach and a variety of initiatives. Every gift makes a difference.

  • $2.5M-$4.9M

    Lolly J. Schiffman

  • $500,000-$999,999

    Marie K. and David L. Goblirsch

  • $250,000-$499,999

    Joan L. Dvergsten

    Barbara A. Roach and Richard B. Carroll

  • $100,000-$249,999

    Catherine and Ford Nicholson

    University of Oslo

    Anonymous Donor

  • $50,000-$99,999

    Milton G. and Danae Andrews

    Margaret B. Davis

    Charles M. Goethe Estate

    Richard A. and Judi Huempfner

    Elizabeth S. and Whitney MacMillan*

  • $25,000-$49,999

    Franklin H. Barnwell

    Mary C. Kemen and Brian C. Randall

    Richard J. and Patricia L. Kirschner

    Carol Pletcher

    Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation

  • $10,000-$24,999

    3M Company and 3M Foundation

    Susan M. Berget

    Lenore B. Danielson

    Dawn M. Dekeyser and Geoffrey C. Warner

    Robert J. and Julie J. Desnick

    Detroit Zoological Society

    Alan R. Flory and Monica M. Schultz

    Valery E. Forbes and Peter Calow

    John E. Fredell

    James C. Underhill Scholarship

    Edith W. and Robert Jones Fund - Minneapolis Foundation

    Sally B. and Charles R. Jorgensen

    Patricia R. Lewis

    Mantrap Valley Conservation Club

    York H. and Laura Marahrens

    Microsoft Corporation

    Cheryl L. Quinn and Robert J. Buck

    Pamela A. Rask

    Gary B. Silberstein and Joan E. Deneffe

    Jim D. Winter

  • $5,000-$9,999

    Victor A. Bloomfield and Elsa G. Shapiro

    Clark R. Burbee

    Kathleen G. Fahey

    Katherine E. Himes

    Marjorie and David R. Hols

    Charles K. and Helen M. Marschke

    MPG Operations LLC

    Harry T. Orr and Bonnie A. Hatten

    Pfizer Foundation

    James R. and Patricia M. Pray

    C. J. Rapp Pittman

    Clare L. and Jerome A. Ritter

    Nicole L. and Joseph B. Shultz

    Shirley C. and Kenneth Tucker

  • $1,000-$4,999

    Christine M. Ambrose and Tom Porter

    John S. and Rebecca H. Anderson

    Kenneth W. Bachofer and Linda Marie

    Carl V. Barnes

    Carol M. Bemis and Jacqueline Day

    David A. and Suzanne M. Bernlohr

    Marcia F. Birney

    Joanne J. Brooks

    Iris D. Charvat

    Deanna L. Croes

    Mark I. Donnelly and Veta Bonnewell

    Ian P. and Susan Drummond

    Bruce G. Dumke and Cathy Barrea

    Bradley J. Dupre

    Sandra K. Fuchs

    Erik N. Gaasedelen

    C. Allison and James R. Gaasedelen

    Perry B. and Carol M. Hackett

    Kathryn L. Hanna and Daniel P. Romero

    Thomas S. Hays and Mary E. Porter

    John W. Heer and Jody A. Copp

    Leo M. and Harriet Hopf

    Scott W. and Mary W. Lagaard

    Land O'Lakes Foundation

    Bonita S. and John P. LeRoy

    David W. and Mary E. Loveless

    John S. and Theresa R. McKeon

    Mead Johnson and Company LLC

    Roberta A. Megard

    J E. Morris

    Patrice A. Morrow

    Terry L. and Bradly J. Narr

    Gary L. and Mary K. Nelsestuen

    Claudia M. Neuhauser and Maury D. Bramson

    Alan D. Olstein and Phyllis Karasov

    Deborah I. Oswald

    David L. and Margaret Peterson

    Edward B. and Jane A. Phillips

    Jean S. Phinney

    Andrea T. Rahn


    Deanna K. and Paul G. Siliciano

    Jeffrey A. Simon and Ann E. Rougvie

    Joyce M. Stout

    Kipling Thacker and Kevyn K. Riley

    Heidi L. Thorson

    Matthew and Karen L. Thull

    Katherine M. Walstrom and Matthew Thomas

    Julie A. Warren and Kien T. Nguyen

    Robin L. and Gary E. Wright

    Anonymous Donor

  • $500-$999

    Jeffrey J. and Charlene L. Anderson

    Art Guild Inc.

    Andrea J. Backes and Jim R. Jeffery

    Paul B. and La Vonne M. Batalden

    Allan J. Baumgarten and Marilyn S. Levi-Baumgarten

    Jerome I. Birch

    Robert C. Cagen

    CenterPoint Energy

    Razvan L. Cornea

    Duane J. and Angel Crandall

    Julie M. and James W. Curtsinger

    David R. and Elizabeth A. Edwards

    Maxine A. Enfield

    Ronald B. and Sharon Faanes

    Joseph J. and Martha J. Ferretti

    Robb M. Garni

    William R. Gordon

    Carol J. and Gregory S. Gross

    Daphne W. Hill

    Sarah E. Hobbie and Jacques C. Finlay

    David T. and Catherine A. Kirkpatrick

    Paulita LaPlante

    Larodan AB

    Gregory J. Lee

    Mai P. Lor

    David J. and Esther G. McLaughlin

    Eugene L. and Darlene M. McManus

    Sarah M. Meek and Eric F. Swanson

    Joseph E. and Eileen P. Michels

    Cheryl L. and George G. Moore

    Michael B. and MaryJane O'Connor

    Mark L. Ostlund and Dana L. Battles

    Nicholas A. and Wendy R. Palaia

    Richard E. and Elaine E. Phillips

    James D. Pirie and Linda L. Eells

    Jennifer S. Powers and Peter Tiffin

    William P. and Charlotte M. Ridley

    Timothy H. Robinson

    Russell and Nina M. Rothman

    Eric P. and Andrea M. Spandl

    Daniel Stanton

    Amy L. Swanson

    Daniel M. and Angie Tix

    Robert C. Wong

    Mary C. and Merle G. Wovcha

    Qiang Xiao and Lizhen Gui

    Helen W. Yee

    YourCause LLC

    Susan M. and Henry R. Zeisel

    Anonymous Donor

    Anonymous Donor

  • $100-$499

    Accredited Investors Inc.

    Mike J. Agnew

    Lynda L. Agnew

    Dennis P. Albrecht

    Arthur and Charlet A. Allen

    Susan Amidon

    Lynne F. Anderson

    Kim A. Anderson

    Lorraine B. Anderson

    Nancy J. and Steven F. Apfelbacher

    Josephine A. and Gordon J. Bailey

    Dale W. Bargsten

    Marvin E. Bauer

    Thomas J. Beer

    Joanne and Francis J. Bellino

    Marc D. Berg and Christa Whittard

    Steven J. Beuning

    Kalli-Ann L. Binkowski

    Laura A. Bishop and Charles S. Weber

    Ross A. and Diane L. Bjella

    John F. Blankenhorn

    Jennifer Blankenhorn

    Sarah D. Borgen

    Dale Bowers

    Laura Braley

    Breck School

    Christine D. Bremer and Raleigh Little

    Melissa and Barry B. Bridges

    Richard W. Brown and Dori Henderson

    Laura S. Brunner and Grayson T. Westfall

    Bruna Bucciarelli

    Larry M. Buchanan

    Jeanne and John L. Buck

    Lakshmi R. and Jagadish Buddhavarapu

    Monika R. Burau

    Susan H. Burritt

    David G. Butler

    Stephanie M. and Lawrence Callanan

    Cambridge Isotope Laboratories Inc.

    Shanna L. and John B. Capen

    Arla L. Carmichiel and Steven J. Kelley

    Janice A. and Gerald T. Carroll

    Clay and Sunshine Carter

    Shu Y. and Shin Lin Chen

    Janet J. and Gary A. Christenson

    Elizabeth R. Cobb

    Conservatory Craftsmen

    James and Sehoya H. Cotner

    Jessica A. Crawford

    Mary Cullen

    Paul E. and Tammie Cunnien

    Ernest E. and Beth J. Cutting

    Niklas Damberg

    Thomas S. Darling and Rojean E. Rada

    Anath and Archana Das

    Daniel C. Deetz and Rebecca J. Haack-Deetz

    Eileen T. Denning

    Margaret A. Dietrich

    Anthony G. Dodge

    Benjamin Dummer

    William K. Durfee and Devorah B. Goldstein

    Faye B. Duvall

    Allen E. Eckhardt

    Maria K. and John M. Eggemeyer

    Mark A. and Mary Einerson

    David G. and Holli Einzig

    Robert P. Elde and Bonnie Baskin

    Irene J. Elliott

    Malcolm A. and Carol E. Ellison

    Mary K. Elnes

    Bradley E. Enerson

    Gunnar J. and Susan J. Erickson

    Mark K. and Lynn A. Erickson

    Patricia A. and Dale A. Ericson

    David J. Estreen

    Jerome W. Fahrmann

    Caroline L. Fairbanks

    Alan R. Felix

    Leonard C. and Deborah A. Ferrington

    Dale M. Finnegan

    Dale W. Fishbeck

    Glenn E. Fisher and Claudette Wells

    Amy Fistler

    Bernice M. Folz

    Ian Ford

    Carl E. and Charlotte A. Frasch

    Donna L. and William R. Fraser

    Jeffrey D. and Sandra Gabe

    Nancy J. Gassman

    Beverly and Leland Gehrke

    Lori Giebel

    Stephen D. and Carol A. Gilbert

    Stephen P. Goecke

    Stuart F. Goldstein and E. M. Martini

    David Grace

    David I. and Jennifer Greenstein

    Amy R. Groszbach

    Louise and Donald R. Grothe

    James P. Grover

    Jonathan L. Hadler

    Barbara and Karl L. Hansen

    David R. Hayek

    Timothy M. Heaney and Roberta J. Hunt

    Carolyn W. and Robert K. Herman

    Donald R. Hickman and Sandra Kaplan

    Robert E. Higashi

    Douglas A. and Christine A. Hlavacek

    Ronald H. Hoess

    Dennis M. Hoidal and Antoinette M. Moran

    Robert E. Holtz

    Virginia H. Homme

    Kirk S. Honour

    Bruce S. Hostager

    Elizabeth K. and Steven J. Houtz

    Derek Huebsch

    Frederick W. Hund and Kathryn J. Nelson Hund

    Steven V. and Michelle T. Inman

    Mari Ito

    Carlyn P. Iverson

    Colleen M. Jacks

    Laurie Jacobi and Cotty Lowry

    George L. Jacobson

    Bruce W. and Alison S. Jarvis

    Mark L. Johnson

    Susan D. Jones and Kevin R. Reitz

    Sharon K. and Gerald D. Jordahl

    Susan M. Juedes

    Michael J. and Mary E. Kallok

    Hung-Ying Kao and Hui-Chen Huang

    Michael J. Karlson

    Olakunle O. Kassim

    Fumiaki Katagiri and Jane Glazebrook

    Ann E. and James F. Kelley

    Michael K. Kennon and Peggy Korsmo-Kennon

    Katheryn Kenworthy and Paul Barale

    Thomas J. and Pamela E. Keul

    Kathleen Kindel

    Brittany Kipplen

    Julie A. and Randolph J. Kirihara

    Gaylord J. and Beverly E. Knutson

    Jeffrey A. and Debra J. Kohen

    Thomas P. and Mary E. Krick

    Joann P. Kruckeberg

    Valerian B. and Carolyn H. Kuechle

    Richard A. Kulisheck

    Marlys L. and Gary F. Kupferschmidt

    James E. Kurle and Barbara L. Swadburg

    Pamela J. Lachowitzer

    John A. Larson and Lynne M. Berger

    Phillip A. Lawonn

    Bryan K. Lee and Celeste Dimauro-Lee

    Paul A. Lefebvre and Carolyn D. Silflow

    Audrey L. and Clarence L. Lehman

    Leo G. Lehmicke

    Rachel Leibman

    Jane S. Levy

    David L. Lillehaug and Winifred Smith

    Erik J. and Joan Linck

    Bruce Lindgren and Patricia L. Nelson-Lindgren

    Jean M. Lindquist

    Jeffrey D. Lorch

    Ann E. Lumry and Bo E. Hedlund

    Chun S. Luo and Donghong Zhang

    Sheila M. Lutz

    Daniel O. Lynch

    Mary C. and David V. Maas

    Finette L. Magnuson

    Avinash Mantha

    Janice Martenson

    Elizabeth H. and David G. Martin

    Mary Martini

    Linda A. and David E. Maschwitz

    John E. and Clemencia Mazuski

    Michael M. Mbughuni

    Betsy McNerney and Don Bell

    Medtronic Foundation

    Haile Mehansho and Azieb Mehreteab

    Mary and Joseph M. Meland

    Kerri L. Miller

    Cathy and Curtis H. Miller

    Loren M. and Vanita K. Miller

    James D. Miller and Cheryl Peterson

    Craig C. and Mary S. Mommsen

    Mary M. Montagne

    Charlotte Mooney

    Steven B. and Kathleen K. Moore

    Deane M. Morrison

    John T. Mundahl

    Yasuaki Munekata

    Laura R. Musacchio

    Jillian Neal

    Mary K. and Frederick J. Neher

    Thomas D. and Monica G. Nelson

    John H. Nelson

    An D. Nguyen and George S. Csathy

    David L. Nieland

    Frank Q. and Barbara J. Nuttall

    Mark O. Olson

    Gail W. and Neil E. Olszewski

    James R. and Donna R. Onstott

    Ifeanyirochukwu G. Opoku

    Andrea Otter

    Craig Packer and Susan James

    Gregory R. Page and Kathleen A. Blatz

    Brandon J. Pakkebier

    Tawatchai Palsansinsup and Daniel E. Hathaway

    Fred K. and Jay Dee Pamer

    Mary M. and Michael F. Parenteau

    Joan J. and James J. Pearson

    Ernest M. and Dawn Peaslee

    Suzanne F. Permuth and Thomas P. Neufeld

    Jason Petermann

    Julie and John Peterson

    James W. Peterson

    Natalie Philander

    George and Hilda Philander

    Lisa A. Philander

    Margaret K. and William P. Pilacinski

    Gerald A. and Mary D. Pitzl

    Nancy J. Poindexter

    Stuart W. Portoghese

    Lincoln R. Potter

    Aimee W. and Steven E. Pratt

    Timothy D. and Kara L. Pratt

    Gregory C. and Patricia A. Pratt

    Anne E. Pusey

    David D. and Susan K. Rathe

    Sara Remsen

    Stephen A. Rice and Leslie A. Schiff

    Timothy I. and Jennelle D. Richardson

    Harold G. Richman and Iris G. Cosnow

    Mark G. and Helene P. Roback

    Marilynne K. Roberts

    Louise A. Rollins-Smith

    Sandra K. Rosenberg and James E. Liston

    Angela R. Ruzicka

    Christopher J. and Brittany J. Sabol

    Laura and James R. Sallstrom

    Savi S. and Carl K. Samaroo

    Arthur W. and Susan J. Sands

    SBNS of Jax Inc.

    Gayle M. and Jeffery T. Schaub

    Noel F. Schenker

    Genevieve Schentzel

    Jonathan S. Schilling

    Alison E. and Kurt T. Schini

    John Schladweiler

    Karen K. Schlentz

    Eileen E. Schlentz

    Kimberly and Jeff Schmit

    Peter M. and Barb Schmitt

    Virginia C. Schneider

    Mark A. Schoenbeck

    Nathan J. Schuld

    Daniel S. Schultz

    Fang-Miin Sheen

    Roger Sheldon

    Randy A. and Mary M. Shelerud

    Rebecca P. and John S. Shockley

    Candy E. Shue

    Erin and Ted D. Sibley

    Jan L. and Alan L. Sickbert

    Janice R. Sigmund

    Laura A. Sikkink

    Robert L. Sorenson and Marla J. Johnson

    Jon P. Springsted and Deborah A. Scattarelli

    John G. and Paula S. Steiert

    Shelley A. Steva

    Jeffrey M. Stewart

    Michael K. and Mary L. Stock

    Andrea Stout

    Erika B. Stout-Kirck

    Amy M. Suiter

    Nancy M. Swanson

    Jeffrey T. and Amy J. Symstad

    Jean E. Takekawa

    Anna L. Testen

    Joyce C. Tester

    Jennifer J. and David D. Thomas

    Judd C. and Linda K. Thompson

    David and Catherine E. Tilman

    Timothy J. and Kelley Tripp

    Richard True

    Rebecca K. Tryon

    Genevieve M. Tvrdik

    Christine Umhoefer

    Geraldine Urbanski and Eric D. Anderson

    Eric Vehe

    Robert C. Venette

    Kevin J. and Julie A. Viken

    James A. Von Arx

    Monica K. Wallace

    Michael S. Waltonen

    John M. Ward and Anke Reinders

    Bradley J. Ward

    Rhonda L. Watkins

    Mitchell R. Watson

    Reede O. Webster

    George D. Weiblen and Rebecca Montgomery

    Cole J. Weiske

    Leny E. and Don Wendel

    Lisa Wersal and Louis B. Asher

    Audrey J. Weymiller and Mike McMullin

    Timothy J. Whitfeld

    Barbara J. Whitney

    Brian M. Wiczer

    Sarah Wildman

    Gloria G. and Richard A. Williams

    Stanley P. and Catharine E. Williamson

    Caroline M. Wilmot and William Brown

    Cheryl W. and Laurence E. Winter

    Geoffrey S. and Elizabeth H. Workinger

    Judith L. Wulff

    Stephanie M. Xenos

    Heather Zierhut

    Isaac D. Zike

    Kelly E. Zinn

    Kathlean C. Zinnel and P. F. Hill

    Marlene Zuk and John T. Rotenberry

    Linda L. Zurfluh

    Thomas H. and Marianne Zytkovicz

  • $1-$99

    AbbVie Employee Engagement Fund

    Jill Adams

    Adrienne Banks Trust

    James E. Almendinger

    Sonia M. Altizer

    Michael P. and Rebecca Amidon

    Cindy K. Angerhofer and Tom O'Leary

    Marilyn A. Apfel

    Ann Aurelius

    Marjorie J. Baab

    Lynne A. and Robert H. Bachschneider

    Julie A. Balthazor

    Adrienne B. Banks

    Gary A. Battuello

    Mary K. Baumann and William P. Hopkins

    Mary C. Becker and Thomas J. Rice

    Kenneth B. and Amy K. Beckman

    William E. Berg

    Jennifer E. Bestman and Jonathan A. Neufeld

    Bopaiah A. and Kavitha Biddanda

    Melinda A. Bimberg

    Mary L. and Richard H. Bishop

    Lisa Blazejewski

    Robert M. Boatz

    Gennie Bolling

    Nancy K. and Eugene M. Booker

    Jeffrey A. Borgia

    Dana S. Boyle

    Terrie L. and John E. Brandt

    Carleton W. and Jean A. Brookins

    Kirk M. and Ione V. Brown

    Andy Bruskiewicz

    Diane E. Bundlie

    Scott T. and Stephanie G. Buss

    Bret A. and Kate M. Busse

    Joshua Cabello

    Steven L. and Margaret J. Carlson

    Grandara F. and Mark A. Carlton

    Bradley E. Carter

    Winston P. Cavert and Carol L. Witte

    Laura Christie

    Lewis A. Churchfield

    Patricia A. Claude-Geppert

    John R. Coleman

    Paul S. Conklin and Rebecca S. Marty

    Jean R. Conklin

    Julie L. Constable

    Jim and Karen Cox

    Mary E. Cunningham

    John P. Curry

    Maura Curry

    Francesca J. Cuthbert and James L. Smith

    Peter J. and Jennifer G. Dahl

    Chase C. Davies

    Carol D. Dippy

    Terry G. and Barbara J. Domino

    Vicki Donatell

    Bruce L. Drake

    Amber L. Dunaway

    Justin R. Dunnell

    Cheryl L. Dybas

    Todd Eddy

    Terri and Vaios Eleftheriou

    Dana J. Emerson

    Judy A. Enenstein

    Oscar G. and Judy O. Enroth

    Mark D. Erikson

    Gerald S. Finer

    Elena R. Fisher

    Sally G. Fisher

    Kristie Flanagan

    Barbara B. Franklin

    Barry A. Frey

    Louise N. and Bernard A. Friedenson

    Michael K. Fuerst

    Barb and Fred Gaiser

    Aparna B. and Mukul C. Ganguli

    Jennifer Giguere

    David S. and Diane F. Gilmer

    Paula Goode

    James K. Graham

    Joseph T. Greene

    Olaf E. Grimsbo*

    Paul A. Grimsrud

    Myron D. and Michele S. Gross

    Kris M. Hagen

    Larry D. Hall

    James R. Halverson

    Michael J. Hansel and Margitta G. Lindberg

    Meghan E. Harney and Brian J. Sandri

    Edward F. Haskins

    Barbara J. Hawkins

    Barbara P. Hayes

    Paige E. Hazelton

    Mary G. Hegge

    Lyle R. and Julia R. Heim

    Carla L. Henry

    Timothy T. Hinze

    Becky A. Hippert

    Lynn E. Hodnett

    Katherine E. Hoffman

    Erik K. Holtzapple

    Susan M. and Joe Hommes

    Holley Horrell

    Sarah E. Hosch-Abbey

    Mark C. Hove and Leslie A. MacKichan

    Sofiya Hupalo

    IBM International Foundation

    Jane I. Idell-Wenger

    Andrea and Lance W. Janssen

    Geraldine L. Jensen

    Cheryl R. Jogger and Robert J. Geraghty

    Thomas D. Johns

    Steven M. Johnson and Valerie R. Green

    Brian W. and Kimberly D. Johnson

    Linda E. Johnson and Robert M. Julian

    Irene R. Jones

    Reba D. Juetten and Jaromir Luiken

    Laura Kassan

    James T. and Christina M. Katter

    Robert D. and Ann E. Kessen

    Jacqueline M. Klein

    Nicholas A. Klejeski

    Robert K. and Joy E. Knopp

    Ralph C. Kolbeck

    Richard V. Kowles

    Deirdre H. Kragh

    Maxwell L. and Christina L. Kramer

    Venetia H. and Robert T. Kudrle

    Robert Kulhanek

    Paul M. Kunkel

    Dale L. and Mark J. LaCroix

    Jacqueline M. and Michael Lafky

    Johanna W. and Paul D. Lampe

    Richard P. Lampe

    Gregory W. Langer

    Michelle A. Larabee

    Steven R. Larson

    Larissa Lavrov

    Tali D. Lee

    Joy A. Leibman

    Mark F. Leppert

    Daniel C. Levings

    Robert K. Lindorfer

    Susan M. Long

    John M. Longballa and Dawn R. Cameron

    Andrea Lundberg

    Scott C. Magnuson

    Sheldon W. and Beverly A. Mains

    Karen A. Malatesta

    Srey Z. Man

    Holly R. Manning

    John J. Matta

    Emma E. May

    Charles Mayo

    Tami R. McDonald

    Craig P. McDonnell

    Rebecca McDougle

    Cheryl A. McGinn

    Donald C. and Mary E. McNaught

    Alexander R. McWhinnie

    Joe Meland

    Nathan C. Meyer

    Mary H. and James Meyer

    Minnesota Interprofessional Association

    Sally R. Moore

    Michael Mueller

    Vaibhav Murthy

    John P. Nagel

    M. Nawal

    Pamela K. Nelms and Jeanette M. Sobania

    Timothy R. Nelson

    Geraldine M. and Darby M. Nelson

    Elissa M. Nelson

    Peter L. Nguyen

    Kevin J. Niemi and Karen A. Grikstas

    Daniel E. Nissen and Karen Ploski

    Debra J. Noll

    Randi L. Nordstrom and James S. Walker

    Kathleen A. O'Brien and Jeffrey H. Loesch

    Michael R. Olson

    Debbie Pace

    Olivia M. Pace

    Amarpreet K. Padda

    Andrew B. Parke

    Daniel B. Parnell

    Mary Patterson

    Stuart D. Pechek

    Indre J. Pemberton

    John M. and Nancy E. Person

    Randine M. Petersen

    Aidan J. Peterson

    Pamela J. Pietz

    Nora S. Plesofsky

    Christopher D. Pratt

    Yiping Qi

    Urho S. and Pamela S. Rahkola

    Manish K. Rai

    Kevin M. Reilly

    John J. Reiners

    Susann G. Remington

    Alexander J. Rivest

    Janell Robertson

    Michael B. Robinson

    H G. Rosenthal

    Rahul Roy

    Jean L. and Kenneth W. Royer

    Doris S. Rubenstein

    Cassandra Runke

    Mary V. Santelmann and George A. King

    Cameron J. Schilling

    Karol K. Schneider

    Sonya L. Schober-Johnson and Theodore A. Johnson

    Janet L. and Christopher L. Schottel

    Tina M. and Meldon J. Seeland

    Sandra H. Seilheimer

    Riley M. Seitz

    James F. Shambour

    Catherine M. Shannon

    Teri C. Shannon

    Carol A. Sharpe and Jane Eastwood

    Cheryl L. Shrader Bogen and Jon R. Bogen

    Glen M. and Kristin D. Shuldes

    Vanessa N. Singh

    Edna M. Siniff

    Wayne J. and Anne E. Sisel

    Rolf C. Smeby

    Beverly L. Smith-Keiling

    Chuck and Ann Southworth

    Sandra L. Spier

    John L. and Hilary A. Stanton-Geddes

    Christopher D. Steevens

    Constance J. Stieger

    Edward B. Swain and Mary E. Keirstead

    Michele K. Sweeney

    Paul N. Swenson

    Jason M. Tennessen and Laura B. Knudson

    James M. Thares

    John E. and Patricia C. Thomas

    Jeffrey J. and Nancy K. Thomas

    Seth K. and Mollie Thompson

    Kristine and David Tostengard Michel

    Mary P. Tschida

    Shirley K. Ungar

    US Bank Foundation

    Steve E. Van Allen and Rebecca A. Brenner

    Various Donors

    Pieter B. and Helga B. Visscher

    Dan and Diane Waarvik

    Scott R. and Nancy Walcker

    Margaret M. Walker

    Sharyn T. Wang

    Grayson T. Wawrzyn

    Beau R. Webber

    Guang-Jong J. Wei

    Paul W. and Katharine B. Weiblen

    Charlotte A. and Duane A. Werner

    Susan M. Wick and Glenn W. Shifflet

    Stefanie Wiesneski

    Lauren J. Wigen

    Charlotte E. and Donald J. Wiley

    Elizabeth K. and Angelo Williams

    Eric D. Winter

    Elizabeth A. Wurm and Matthew J. Schnettler

    Hayoung Yoo

    Betty J. Zander

    Bryan W. Zell and Amy M. Hanson

    Anonymous Donor