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Requesting a leave of absence

Graduate students are expected to maintain active status. Students who experience circumstances that prevent them from maintaining active status through continuous registration, (excluding summer term), must file a Leave of Absence Request. Students who do not obtain a college-approved leave of absence prior to interrupting enrollment (excluding summer) may be terminated. Active status requires students to enroll for both fall and spring semesters.

Reinstatement from LOA

Students with a college-approved leave of absence are eligible for reinstatement if they file a Leave of Absence Reinstatement form with their college prior to the term in which they intend to enroll. The student must re-enroll the term immediately following the expired leave (excluding summer), and must return to the same major and degree objective.   

Steps to be taken:  File the form with your advisor, then your DGS and the college dean's office for final approval. Your graduate program will notify you of the outcome.