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Forms for graduate students

As part of the U of M Graduate School restructuring, some forms now require college approval. See the links below for both college-specific and Graduate School policies and forms.
CBS-specific policies and forms requiring college approval
  • Leave of Absence
  • Grad 999 - Active status registration
  • Time extension request
  • Requesting approval for an external committee member
  • Last minute changes to examining committees (Committee changes on the day of the exam may be done with the approval of the DGS. The updates should be made on the exam form by lining out the member not able to attend, and writing in the replacement name. After the exam, the committee change must be made by the student through Workflo Gen).
  • Petition     
    • This form is used to change coursework on the GDP, change or remove a language requirement or add/remove a minor (for the MS, the minor must be declared prior to the final exam, for the PhD, minors mst be declared prior to the preliminary oral exam). DGS and program coordinator approval is required.
Graduate School policies and forms
Academic resources