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CBS Canvas Transition

In June 2017, the University announced that it would adopt Canvas as our single, centrally supported learning management system. The transition is expected to take 24 months, during which CBS-RLT will provide specialized support for CBS instructors. Our goal is to minimize the need for you to be involved in migrating your course content. This will allow you to focus your energy on learning how to use Canvas.

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CBS Plan
Canvas Resources for Instructors
Canvas Resources for Students
Courses Moving Spring 18
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CBS Plan

CBS-RLT will work with instructors and central IT resources to move courses into Canvas. The key elements of the CBS transition are:

CBS Canvas Course Transition Timeline

  • About 60 courses will move each semester each fall and spring for the next two years.
  • Online courses will move in Summer 17.
  • CBS-RLT will continue to provide its usual support to instructors using Moodle.

NOTE: As we adapt to best meet the needs of our faculty, these plans may change. This webpage will be updated as needed.

Canvas Resources for Instructors

Canvas Resources for Students

Courses Moving for Spring 2018

Below are the courses selected to move for Spring 2018.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kalli Binkowski ( ).

Spring 18 Transitioning Courses

Term    Course                                    Section    Instructor

Spring 2018     BIOC3021                    91            Robert Roon

Spring 2018     BIOC4025W                 001-007   Beverly Smith-Keiling

Spring 2018     BIOC4331                    1              Sharon Murphy;Carrie Wilmot

Spring 2018     BIOC4332                    1              Laurie Parker;Michel Sanders

Spring 2018     BIOC4521                    1              Wendy Gordon;Charalampos Kalodimos

Spring 2018     4793W/4794W             1              all subjects, all DUGS

Spring 2018     Biol 3272/5272            1              Yaniv Brandvain

Spring 2018     BIOL1003                    1              New Grad TA instructors

Spring 2018     BIOL1003                    20            New Grad TA instructors

Spring 2018     BIOL1010 Lab             20            Sarah Malmquist, Kristina Prescott

Spring 2018     BIOL1010 Lab             20            Sarah Malmquist, Kristina Prescott

Spring 2018     BIOL1010 Lec             20            Sarah Malmquist, Kristina Prescott

Spring 2018     BIOL1015                    1              Murray Jensen

Spring 2018     BIOL1050                    1              Vanessa Pompei

Spring 2018     BIOL1055                    1              Vanessa Pompei

Spring 2018     BIOL1301                    001- 004* Aryn Lipnicki

Spring 2018     BIOL1806                    1              Abby Conover

Spring 2018     BIOL1904                    1              John Ward

Spring 2018     BIOL1951/1951H         1              David Matthes;Anna Mosser

Spring 2018     BIOL1951/1951H         002;003   Mark Decker;Brian Gibbens

Spring 2018     BIOL1961                    many        Vanessa Pompei

Spring 2018     BIOL2022                    1              John Ward;Ya Yang

Spring 2018     BIOL2100                    1              James Cotner;Dana Davis;Caleb Levar

Spring 2018     BIOL2301                    001,002*  Aryn Lipnicki, Kristin Economos

Spring 2018     BIOL3302                    1              Aryn Lipnicki

Spring 2018     BIOL4003                    1              William Gray

Spring 2018     BIOL4003                    2              Nobuaki Kikyo

Spring 2018     BIOL4003                    3              Nathan Springer

Spring 2018     BIOL4004                    1              Clay Carter

Spring 2018     BIOL4004                    2              Duncan Clarke

Spring 2018     BIOL4004/GCD 4005W                3    Deanna Koepp

Spring 2018     BIOL4961H√                001;002   Leslie Schiff, Kelaine Haas

Spring 2018     EEB3002/Anth3002     1              Michael Wilson

Spring 2018     EEB3409/5409            1              Emma Goldberg;William Harcombe

Spring 2018     EEB3412W                  1              Emilie Snell-Rood

Spring 2018     EEB3603                     1              Jacques Finlay      

Spring 2018     EEB4611                     1              James Cotner;Claire Griffin, Dana Davis;Caleb Levar

Spring 2018     EEB8202                     1              Eric Seabloom;Michael Travisano;Marlene Zuk

Spring 2018     GCD3033                     1              G.W. Gant Luxton

Spring 2018     GCD3485                     1              David Matthes

Spring 2018     GCD4025                     1              Karen Echeverri

Spring 2018     GCD4034                     1              David Zarkower

Spring 2018     GCD4134                     1              Victoria Iwanij

Spring 2018     GCD4143                     1              Frank Albert;William Oetting

Spring 2018     GCD4151                     1              Vivian Bardwell;Tim Starr

Spring 2018     GCD8008                     1              R Mc Ivor, Branden Moriarity

Spring 2018     GCD8073                     1              Heather Zierhut

Spring 2018     GCD8912                     1              Heather Zierhut

Spring 2018     GCD8914/BTHX8114   1              Bonnie LeRoy

Spring 2018     GCD8920                     2              Frank Albert, Ran Blekhman

Spring 2018     GCD8994                     1              Bonnie LeRoy

Spring 2018     MICB4151                    1              Anna Tischler

Spring 2018     MICB4171√                  1              Leslie Schiff

Spring 2018     MICB4235                    1              Wade Bresnahan

Spring 2018     NSCI1001                    1              Alfonso Araque

Spring 2018     NSCI1002                    1              Lorene Lanier

Spring 2018     NSCI3100                    1              David Redish

Fall 18   NSCI3101                               1              Lorene Lanier

Spring 2018     NSCI3102W                 1              Geoffrey Ghose

Spring 2018     NSCI4151                    1              Sylvain Lesné

Spring 2018     NSCI4167                    1              Janet Dubinsky

The following courses may be moved it time allows:

Spring 2018     BIOC2011                    1              Ian Armitage

Spring 2018     BIOC3021                    3              Kenneth Adolph

Spring 2018     BIOC3021/6021           2              Douglas Ohlendorf

Spring 2018     BIOC4325                    001;002   Timothy Griffin

Spring 2018     BIOC5309                    1              Lawrence Wackett

Spring 2018     BIOC5352                    1              Claudia Schmidt-Dannert

Spring 2018     BIOC6021                    3              Kenneth Adolph

Spring 2018     BIOL1904                    1              John Ward

Spring 2018     BIOL2001                    1              Rebecca Dordel

Spring 2018     BIOL3002                    001;002   Neil Olszewski

Spring 2018     BIOL3005W                 001;004   M Marks

Spring 2018     Biol4321                      1              Maxwell Kramer

Spring 2018     EEB4134                     1              Fredrick Barker



Courses Moving for Fall 2017

Below are the courses selected to move for Fall 2017.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kalli Binkowski ( ).

Fall 2017BIOC4025W001Smith-KeilingBeverly Smith-Keiling
Fall 2017BIOC4331001Chen;GriffinYue Chen;Timothy Griffin
Fall 2017BIOC4332001SmanskiMichael Smanski
Fall 2017BIOC4351001Elias;KazlauskasMikael Elias;Romas Kazlauskas
Fall 2017BIOC4521001MayoKevin Mayo
Fall 2017BIOC5361001WackettLawrence Wackett
Fall 2017BIOC6011001Bielinsky;RoonAnja Bielinsky;Robert Roon
Fall 2017BIOL1001001PackerCraig Packer
Fall 2017BIOL1003030DeckerMark Decker
Fall 2017BIOL1003001;020CotnerSehoya Cotner
Fall 2017Biol 1003LABCotner, prescottSehoya Cotner, Kristina Prescott
Fall 2017BIOL1020001;002SilflowCarolyn Silflow
Fall 2017BIOL1050001WassenbergDeena Wassenberg
Fall 2017BIOL1055001WassenbergDeena Wassenberg
Fall 2017BIOL2022001MayGeorgiana May
Fall 2017BIOL2960H001DavisDana Davis
Fall 2017BIOL3007W001MoellerDavid Moeller
Fall 2017BIOL3020001Van NessBrian Van Ness
Fall 2017BIOL3020002Glazebrook;VoytasJane Glazebrook;Daniel Voytas
Fall 2017BIOL3020003KirkpatrickDavid Kirkpatrick
Fall 2017BIOL3209001;002MooreRandy Moore
Fall 2017BIOL3211001JensenMurray Jensen
Fall 2017BIOL3503001CurtsingerJames Curtsinger
Fall 2017BIOL3600001SilflowCarolyn Silflow
Fall 2017BIOL3610001DiazRebecca Diaz
Fall 2017BIOL4004001NakatoHiroshi Nakato
Fall 2017BIOL4960H001;002SchiffLeslie Schiff
Fall 2017BIOL5950001SivaramakrishnanSivaraj Sivaramakrishnan
Fall 2017EEB3001001PowersJennifer Powers
Fall 2017EEB3407001LehmanClarence Lehman
Fall 2017EEB3409001HarcombeWilliam Harcombe
Fall 2017EEB3411001;005BeeMark Bee
Fall 2017EEB4129001JansaSharon Jansa
Fall 2017EEB5409001HarcombeWilliam Harcombe
Fall 2017EEB5601001FinlayJacques Finlay
Fall 2017EEB5609001HobbieSarah Hobbie
Fall 2017EEB8201001Seabloom;Travisano;ZukEric Seabloom;Michael Travisano;Marlene Zuk
Fall 2017EEB8500001FinlayJacques Finlay
Fall 2017EEB8990005TilmanDavid Tilman
Fall 2017GCD2002W001Greenstein;Hackett;LeRoyDavid Greenstein;Perry Hackett;Bonnie LeRoy
Fall 2017GCD3022001MarahrensYork Marahrens
Fall 2017GCD3022002ShimaNaoko Shima
Fall 2017GCD3033001Courtemanche;NeufeldNaomi Courtemanche;Thomas Neufeld
Fall 2017GCD4161001RougvieAnn Rougvie
Fall 2017GCD5005001;002GardnerMelissa Gardner
Fall 2017GCD5036001IwanijVictoria Iwanij
Fall 2017GCD8131001Greenstein;SomiaDavid Greenstein;Nikunj Somia
Fall 2017GCD8151001TitusMargaret Titus
Fall 2017GCD8911001ZierhutHeather Zierhut
Fall 2017GCD8913001LeRoyBonnie LeRoy
Fall 2017GCD8994001LeRoyBonnie LeRoy
Fall 2017MICB3301001MohrChristian Mohr
Fall 2017Bioc8007/80081GoldstronAaron Goldstrohm
Fall 2017MICB4161W001DavisDana Davis
Fall 2017MICB4225W001Hunter;NielsenRyan Hunter;Kirsten Nielsen
Fall 2017NSCI1001001MermelsteinPaul Mermelstein
Fall 2017NSCI2100008Nakagawa;WessendorfYasushi Nakagawa;Martin Wessendorf
Fall 2017NSCI2100001;008McLoonSteven McLoon
Fall 2017NSCI4100001;002McLoonSteven McLoon