CBS-IT has implemented Active Directory in the College in order to more safely and securely store important files and research data for our faculty and staff. As CBS faculty and staff can attest, easy access to this data from off-campus has become a necessity. CBS-IT has now implemented a solution called Webfiles that allows for quick and easy access to Active Directory shared drives via any internet browser. No VPN or mapping network drives required.



How do I access my Active Directory groups and personal drives via Webfiles?

  • In a browser window please type webfiles.umn.edu or webfiles.cbs.umn.edu
  • (Please note the lack of www in the addresses as they will not work with that prefix)
  • When prompted please type in your x500 (without @umn.edu) and password.
  • You should see the CBS Home and CBS Groups folders on the left side of your screen.
  • Click on CBS Home to see your personal data.
  • Click CBS Groups to view only the CBS groups and Projects of which you are a member.
  • Select the appropriate group(s) you wish to access.
  • If you wish to access a word document or .pdf or any other type of file, select it by double-clicking and it will download to your computer.
  • If you would like to upload a new document please click the upload button (you cannot drag and drop in this interface). Make sure you are in the appropriate area (i.e. your personal home folder if you are the only person that should have access to this file and your lab, departmental, or project folder if you wish to share it with your cohorts.)
  • Please note, in order to logout you must click your x500 in the upper right corner and click logout.Click cancel when prompted with the login screen. Alternatively you can logout by completely exiting your browser.


  • Any changes you make to a document will not automatically be synced to the Active Directory file server. This simply means that if you are working on a document that you downloaded from webfiles, you must re-upload the modified file.
  • Any changes such as renaming documents, copying or pasting, or creating new folders or documents will be reflected on the Active Directory.


Logging Out

Just to reiterate, in order to logout you must click your x500 on the upper right corner of the webfiles website. A dialogue box will come up prompting you to log back in. Please just click cancel. Alternatively if you completely exit your browser (by clicking either file and exit on a PC or Firefox/Safari quit on a Mac) you will also be logged out. This is important as you will not be automatically logged out of webfiles.