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U-Wide Bruininks Laptops Retired

After the Summer 2017 semester, the current form of the laptop cart service in Bruininks Hall will be retired and no longer available.

Origin of the Service

These laptops were provided by the Office of Classroom Management when Bruininks Hall (then STSS) opened in 2010 as a temporary in-class computing solution. In 2015, the College of Biological Science (CBS) was not ready to rely on a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution and assumed responsibility for the service. Understanding other classes were in the same position, CBS continued to offer the service to all of Bruininks Hall.

Needs have Changed

It is time for this service to end. Replacing the laptops to continue a no-cost service to everyone is something CBS cannot do. Use of the carts has significantly diminished because the +7 year old laptops are obsolete and beginning to fail, BYOD has appeared in many courses, and the AppToGo service is a viable options to deliver applications to students.

The Future

Starting with the Fall 2017 semester, each class in Bruininks Hall will be responsible for their own computing technology.

Non-CBS Courses

Please contact your department’s IT resources to discuss your needs. Please contact AppsToGo before the end of the semester, if you wish to explore that option.

CBS Courses

Students in CBS courses in Bruininks Hall will be expected to bring their own devices, which has been the norm for several semesters. Some supplemental laptops for students without a functional device will be provided. Visit the new CBS Laptops service page for details.