RLT Services

Application & Custom Coding Services

Development of small-scale, functional custom code or applications that assist with research or instruction.  Hosting and maintenance are also available for applications developed in-house or externally, upon review. Recent examples: mobile apps for data collection, scripts to process large volumes of images and metadata, Populus, and a website for courses to easily filter a large image-based dataset.

Assessment Building

Get assistance using Moodle activities like Quiz, Active Quiz, and Assignment to assess students. Assess with existing question banks imported for you or create new questions. Design alternative assessments with the help of instructional designers. Learn how to set up automatic grading and how to grade from within Moodle.


BLINK is an online calendar that lists seminars related to the life sciences at the University of Minnesota.  The calendar captures seminars that focus on scientific research from several colleges, institutes, and programs across the University.  Event information is updated by the respective units and automatically compiled onto the BLINK webpage.

CBS Website

We administer the public CBS website in close collaboration with CBS Communications and the Office of Information Technology to ensure the site is updated and secure. Site analytics and search tools are also incorporated to ensure the best site visitor experience.

Classroom Technology Support

Planning and lifecycle management for classroom technology and student computers in CBS teaching laboratories to ensure reliable, consistent functioning and performance as well as a sustainable replacement schedule. Also assistance with maintaining presentation equipment such as projectors in several CBS-managed classrooms.  

Conference Room Consulting

Consulting and coordination of resources for conference room technology additions, upgrades, and repairs including projectors, screens, speakers, and web and telephone conferencing equipment in CBS conference rooms.

Course Review and Technical Update

Looking to improve student satisfaction with the course or wanting to make your course easier or more engaging to teach?  Have a specific concern with your course and not sure how to address it?  Work with us to explore new technologies, Moodle activities, and teaching techniques that could be used in your course. Additional support provided to help implement changes at your request.

Crashplan Backup Service

Computer backup services for all CBS-owned computers. Backups are securely stored and encrypted. This is provided in collaboration with the College of Science and Engineering and the Office of Information Technology.

Custom Projects

Custom projects to fit the unique needs and goals of research, instruction, and administrative initiatives in CBS, including assistance with data collection and storage (field or lab), finding innovative solutions for teaching in classrooms or online, coding applications/scripts, and more.

Data Queries and Reporting

Development and delivery of data tables, charts, and other visualization methods using the University's data warehouse and other data sources for research, teaching, or other general CBS purposes.

Database Services

Design, create, maintain and host existing or new custom databases for research, administrative, or teaching purposes.  Recent examples include upgrading a service record database for an internal service organization, hosting several databases containing research data, and creating a custom database to search and display research photos and associated metadata.

Digital Signage

Infrastructure for CBS-focused digital signage located in various college building. Content is managed by CBS Communications and Marketing.

Email Lists and Google Groups

The College maintains several email lists based on department and job function. These email lists are run on the University’s ListServ software and are automatically updated based on Peoplesoft data. We also offer assistance with other email lists and Google Groups.

Explore Emerging Learning Technology Solutions

Try out new technologies not supported centrally at the University.  We will test the emerging technologies, and then provide assistance during a pilot implementation with curriculum development, discounted costs, instructor training, and student support during class.

Informal Recording

Short term loans of video equipment for low quality informal recordings.  Past examples include using a SWIVL motorized camera to record student presentations in class, live streaming a corpse flower blooming with periscope on an iPad, and loaning a camcorder to record a seminar.

Instructional Design Consultation

Consult with experienced CBS-RLT staff to review a course and identify possible changes to instruction or assignments that may increase student engagement or decrease instructor workload.  Collaborate to develop new curriculum, learn best practices, implement new strategies, and use other University services that support instruction.

Learning Technology Training

Take advantage of one-on-one technology training where you use it-- at your desk or in the classroom.  Have academic technologists train and support students using new technologies in your classroom or provide online support in Moodle through forums or a help block with resource links.

LMS (Moodle) Support

Instructors using Moodle can seek assistance troubleshooting complex problems, revising sites to increase usability and accessibility, building new course or event sites, creating new activities, and setting up complex or large sites for new semesters.

Loaner Devices

To support instructional needs in CBS courses, students may check out college-owned devices at Magrath Library.  Currently available devices are inexpensive tablets for any student in a CBS course requiring mobile devices and laptops for CBS students in a specific upper level course.  Instructors may also request short term loans of hardware and peripherals during trial use and testing of emerging technology.

Online and Distance Learning Course Development

Converting a face-to-face course to online or creating a new online course is challenging because what works in a lecture hall does not work in an online environment.  We can help adapt your course and laboratory to the online environment by using new technologies and different instructional strategies.  We also offer annual reviews to update technology and suggest new learning activities.

Research Technology and Computing Support

Support is available to faculty, researchers, and labs who have computing equipment connected to research technology or software. Support includes troubleshooting, repairs, and coordination with vendors. Device recommendations and assistance in building custom, small-scale research computing equipment is also available.

Server and Storage Services

Server and data storage hosting and consultation for Faculty, Staff, and Research Labs in collaboration with the Office of Information Technology.

Software Licensing

In addition to freely available software from the Office of Information Technology (OIT), we provide and manage frequently used licensed software to the College. Licensed software includes MatLab, JMP, and Origin. Depending on licensing rules, software is provided for local installation or through App-To-Go and WTS.

Student Printing and Poster Printing

CBS Undergraduate students receive a $10 credit on their Ucard each semester to print from the printers in BioCommons (Moos Tower) and the basement student lounge in the Biological Sciences building. Students also receive a discounted rate for poster printing through the University Imaging Center.


Assistance with the creation, distribution, and monitoring of surveys, web forms, or questionnaires.  Support is provided for Qualtrics or Google Forms for research, academic, or administrative purposes.  Transitions from other platforms (i.e. SurveyMonkey) are also supported.

Unmanned Aircraft System (Drone)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) survey is available to CBS researchers at the Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve. Aerial images can be processed or provided in original format. Additional locations may be possible.

Web Services

Hosting lab, project, and CBS focused websites or web-based applications and tools through the public CBS website or other centrally available resources.

Workflow Digitization

Digitization of paper processes and forms into an online workflow system that allows for more efficient processing, online tracking, and easy archiving of forms and requests. Allows for complex online workflows that route through multiple steps and assignees, with automated notifications and updates.  New departmental forms or processes can also be digitized.