Computer Subsidy


Faculty, staff, postdocs, and most graduate students in the College of Biological Sciences (CBS) qualify for subsidized funds to assist in purchasing a computer. The subsidy is granted immediately to all new employees and four years after each purchase. The amount is determined by job function and the device must be purchased through and supported by the Office of Information Technology (OIT).


CBS provides a subsidy to offset the cost of purchasing a new computer. The subsidy program has two levels:

  • Faculty: $1250
  • Staff: $655

Both values are based off of the stock catalog pricing and are reviewed every spring. Please review the Eligibility List (Link) for details on next purchase date and Faculty or Staff designation. The Eligibility List is updated every Friday. Criteria for Faculty and Staff are as follows:

  • Staff (Most graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, administrative staff, and lab staff.)
    • FTE sum of CBS appointments must be 25% or greater.
      • Med School appointments in GCD and BMBB do contribute to the FTE sum.
      • Temp/Casual appointments do not contribute to the FTE sum.
      • Undergraduate appointments (2xxx) do not contribute to the FTE sum.
    • Subsidy not used in the last 4 years.
  • Faculty (Appointments at all types and seniority of professor or dean)
    • All staff criteria must be met.
    • Must have a CBS faculty appointment (9311-9313, 9401xx-9403xx, 9410).
      • This includes Med School appointments in GCD and BMBB.

University employment records are used to determine and validate subsidy eligibility.

Getting Started

To begin a purchase, you must work with OIT. Please visit and use the stock catalog or perform a custom order. You may wish to consult with OIT prior to a custom order. When using the purchase form, type "CBS Subsidy" as the first budget number and enter the appropriate subsidy dollar amount.

Please use this guide for instructions on making the purchase.

For questions regarding eligibility or policy, please contact:

For questions regarding the purchase, please contact:


  • All purchases must be completed through OIT with University funds.
  • Previously purchased devices cannot be reimbursed with subsidy funds.
  • Purchased computers must be supported and managed by OIT.
  • Any costs over the defined subsidy amounts are the responsibility of the department/lab.
  • Cannot be used for only parts or peripherals.
  • Cannot be used for tablets that cannot be managed by OIT or cannot be used as one’s day-to-day computer.
  • Computers are the property of the purchasing department/lab and must remain with the department/lab when the employee leaves. Written approval is required to transfer ownership.
  • Job transfer within CBS to another department/lab does not renew eligibility.
  • Remaining subsidy balance does not carry forward.
  • Only one subsidy can be used per computer purchase.
  • Subsidies do not accure.
  • Eligible employees may delay purchase until deemed appropriate.
  • Providing the subsidy-computer to a different recipient in a department/lab is at the discretion of the direct supervisor or lab PI.
  • A subsidy cannot be augmented with personal funds, but any grant or other University-funding source can be used to augment your computer purchase.


Any costs over the subsidy amount are the responsibility of the purchaser. The purchaser must work with their department/lab to cover any remaining costs.

Lead Time

Please request a stock device at least 5 business days in advance to allow for setup and configuration. A custom devices may require 10 to 15 or more business days to be fulfilled.


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