Computer Data Backup

CBS-RLT offers CrashPlan as a backup service to safeguard and protect data on all University-owned computers as well as personal computers for grad students, faculty, and laboratory staff.  Crashplan provides backups every 30 minutes on internet connected computers that are stored for 3 months.  It securely backs up everything on your hard drive except for non-essential system folders like program files, applications, or operating system files.

Here are the operating systems supported by the current version of Crashplan:

Operating System



XP, Vista, 7, 8 in desktop mode, Server 2003/ and newer


OS X 10.5 and newer

Java version 6, 7


2.6.13 or newer kernel

Oracle (Sun) Java version 6, 7

glibc 2.4+, gtk, Xorg

We are happy to provide installation, assistance with data recovery, and guides for how to backup and recover data on your own.   We also set up email notifications to let you know if your data is not being backed up for more than 2 weeks.

If you are interested in getting Crashplan running on your computer, or would like more information about the data backup service, please contact CBS-RLT.