Digital Signage

CBS-RLT provides a digital signage service to display information in public hallways and rooms in CBS buildings.   We install hardware and run signage software as well as assist in managing content with the approval of CBS Communications.   We also provide training and maintenance of installed digital signs in CBS spaces.

We currently have signs installed in the following locations:

  • Biological sciences building entryway

  • Study lounge in basement of Biosci

  • CBS Dean’s Office

  • BTI Lobby area of Gortner Labs

  • Ecology building lobby

  • Nils Hasselmo Hall 5th floor elevator lobby

  • MCB building 6th and 7th floor elevator lobbies

  • MCB building 3rd and 4th floor study lounges

  • MCB building entryway

  • CBS Student Services office

If you have an idea for a new signage location, want to inquire further about our signage service, or would like to report an issue with a signage location please contact CBS-RLT.  If you would like to add content to existing signs, please contact CBS Communications.