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Instructional Tools Consulting

CBS-RLT staff work with faculty and staff teaching courses to identify and integrate appropriate technologies based on the goals and context of a course.  Depending on specific needs, the service may provide resources, hands-on support during the initial implementation, personalized coaching, or workshops.

We are happy to provide consulting and identification of  appropriate tools and resources, as well as personalized coaching for integrating academic technologies in a course, such as extending tools and capabilities of Moodle, managing online assignments, quizzes, and self-tests or recording and publishing of screen capture videos.   We also can assist with analyzing students’ work for proper citation and originality and giving rich feedback to students on their writing.

CBS-RLT can also help with integrating technologies that support learning and student-centered approaches to teaching, such as flipping the classroom or facilitating group work, team-based learning, and peer feedback.

This service is available at no cost  to all faculty and staff involved in teaching a CBS course.  If you would like to discuss your goals, please contact CBS-RLT to schedule a consultation.