ProctorU Service


Instructors of online courses can work with CBS-RLT to remotely proctor exams and have the proctoring costs covered by existing distance learning fees.  Online courses with remote proctoring must use computerized tests.  Instructors will need to provide their exams, testing conditions, and exam date details to CBS-RLT.  All other setup will be done for them, including setting up their exams with ProctorU using consistent college-wide proctoring instructions, communicating test readiness and incidents with instructors, providing technical support and training to instructors, and providing occasional student feedback surveys.


ProctorU will monitor student exams exactly as instructors want.  Instructors and CBS-RLT need work closely together to ensure ProctorU and Moodle have all the details set up correctly so students will have a smooth testing experience.   

  • Setup Exams with ProctorU - ProctorU will work with students to meet the testing conditions defined by the instructor.  Instructors can set a variety of conditions, including use of calculators, notes, scratch paper, and software as well as any unique conditions or student exceptions.  Additionally, CBS-RLT has defined a set of technical details used throughout the college to help prevent cheating.  
  • Setup Exams in Moodle - Moodle exams will be set with a password (shared with ProctorU), open and close dates, and review settings that meet your needs.  We will create and confirm all the testing conditions and exam settings.
  • Communication - CBS-RLT will inform instructors when their exams are ready and pass on incident reports. Instructors can communicate with their students as needed.  CBS-RLT will confirm ProctorU has current instructor contact information and will provide the instructor with an on-call Academic Technologist’s contact information.   
  • Technical Support- During testing, students may have questions about the exam or testing conditions.  ProctorU will call instructors to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.  Instructors will receive training on Moodle Quiz Activity, so they can fix Moodle settings, if needed.  CBS-RLT is available to the instructor for further troubleshooting.  Typically, CBS-RLT will be on-call the first day of the first exam.  Thereafter additional support will be provided during business hours.
  • Feedback Survey - Remote proctoring is a newer tool at the University, so instructors might be curious as to the impact.  CBS-RLT can survey students and provide instructors with the results.

Getting Started

Email with your questions or to request a consultation.  You are also welcome to directly contact a CBS-RLT Academic Technologist that you have worked with on your course.


This service shall not include:

  • Communicating information with students
  • Reviewing incident reports and identifying and dealing with cases of academic dishonesty
  • Building exams in LMS (available through CBS-RLT Assessment Building service)
  • Primary support for ProctorU incidents
  • Using a remote proctoring service other than the centrally supported proctor service (currently ProctorU)
  • Student technical support (available through ProctorU and 1-help)


This service is only available to online course instructors where the distance learning fee is directed to CBS (we can help determine that).  There is no cost to instructors. Base testing fees for students are covered.  Students will incur fees for optional ProctorU services (see table below).  


Appointment Scheduled


Student pays

At least 72 hours before desired start time

No additional fee


Less than 72 hours before desired start time

Take It Soon Fee


No appointment, on demand testing

Take It Now Fee


Lead Time

Please contact us at least three months before the start of the semester to begin the transition to remote proctoring.  During that time you will need to:

  • Prepare your computerized exams
  • Work with CBS-RLT to arrange funding and testing details
  • Provide ProctorU information for students on your course site and syllabus.


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