Software Remote Access

CBS-RLT provides access to a remote computer through Windows Terminal Server (WTS) to run several software packages.  This provides support for running long jobs without having to use the resources on your own computer.  It also  gives you more computational power, access to applications not available on your computer, and the ability to work with sensitive data without having to store it locally.

The following software is available through WTS:

  • AnacondaCE

  • ArcGIS


  • IBM SPSS Statistics

  • JMP Pro 10


  • Microsoft Office

  • NX Client for Windows

  • Origin

  • PuTTY

  • R

  • SAS

  • SolidWorks 2012

  • Stata 12

  • TIBCO Spotfire

  • WinSCP

  • Wolfram Mathematica

CBS-RLT maintains access control lists for groups who need access to this service, provides support for issues related to WTS, and assists with getting additional requested software installed.   If you would like help with any of these things, or to learn more about remote software access and how it can benefit you, please contact CBS-RLT.