Student Print Accounts

To ease the cost of course-related printing for students, CBS now offers all CBS undergraduate students a $10/semester print tender account for the BioCommons printer. This is automatically supplied to students via their UCard, and lets students print up to 125 pages at no cost to the printer located in the BioCommons space in Moos Tower or in the Basement Lounge (Hall) of the Biological Science Center.

How to Use Your Print Tender Account

For instruction on how to print to CBS printers, click here.


CBS undergraduate students are provided $10 in the fall semester and $10 in the spring semester. Any unused balance is carried over from fall to spring semesters. The remaining balance from the spring semester is then carried over through the summer until it is reset just before the fall semester. If you exceed the $10.00 tender in any given semester, prints will be charged to your Gopher Gold account balance at the discounted rate of $0.08/page.  Print tender accounts will be reset before the next academic year (blanace set to $0 and then reloaded for the fall semester).

Where to Use Your Print Tender Account

  • Moos Tower - BioCommon Student Lounge (Moos 2-585)
  • Biological Sciences Center - Basement Lounge (Hall)

If You Have Trouble

Print failed? Find out what to do by checking out OIT's refund policy.

If you have trouble using your print tender account in the BioCommons or BioSci printer, don't have an account but feel you should, or have questions or feedback about the print tender please contact CBS-RLT


This service is part of a Technology Project Award idea that was brought to the CBS Student Board.  Students with ideas can visit the CBS-RLT student webpage for more information.