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Undergraduate curriculum and program review


The University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences’ undergraduate curriculum got a thumbs up from biology education experts following a visit in the spring. Experts cited the Nature of Life program, research-based Foundations of Biology courses and the quality of students and faculty as examples of excellence.

The team issued a report that lauded the College of Biological Sciences for its efforts to create the best undergraduate biology program in the country, noting that “substantial progress toward this goal has been accomplished.”

Curriculum review team

External review team

  • Bruce Alberts, University of California, San Francisco and former president of the National Academy of Sciences (1993–2005), editor, Science
  • Ken Burtis, Dean of the College of Biological Sciences, University of California, Davis
  • Jo Handelsman, Yale University, HHMI professor
  • Bill Wood, University of Colorado, Boulder

Committee members

  • Don Alstad, Ecology, Evolution and Behavior
  • Pat Cleary, Microbiology
  • Kathleen Conklin, Genetics, Cell Biology and Development
  • Mark Decker, Biology Program
  • Jan Dubinsky, Neuroscience
  • Stu Goldstein, Education Policy Committee
  • Rogene Schnell, Instructional Design/Technology
  • Janet Schottel, Biochemistry
  • Jean Underwood, Dean’s Office
  • John Ward, Plant Biology
  • Robin Wright, Dean’s Office
  • Yongling Zhang, Graduate Research Assistant

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