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Each year, The College of Biological Sciences offers a series of career development workshops (eight total for postdocs and senior-level graduate students, led by a team from Nelson Biomedical (a consulting firm). The workshops focus on developing your communication skills for pursuing alternative (non-tenure track) careers but have relevance to all participants.

The Emerge BioScience program offers case studies, panel discussions, practice sessions, presentations and more to help improve communication and networking skills. Presentations will be led by those currently working in industry, nonprofits, government agencies and academia. Invited guests lead discussions on the practical application of workshop topics.

Each workshop contains a theoretical introduction, tactical and skills development section and an outside speaker presentation to illustrate the practical importance of the target topic for each workshop. Sample topics include:

  • From lab bench to board room: The value of science and decision-making within a (life science) organization
  • Integral units in a life science organization: Cross-functional roles that value you scientific skills
  • You, the biologist: Finding your strengths and motivations
  • Trying on different hats: Knowing your transferable skills
  • 1 page and 2 minutes: Presenting your value as a biologist to the rest of the world
  • Expanding beyond Web of Science: Exploring career resources and initiating connections
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: Just like you prepare your talk for a national meeting

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