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CBS Postdoc Events

The CBS Postdoc Committee organizes several events each year. Our goal is to provide opportunities for networking and career development. If you would like to volunteer for an upcoming event or suggest a new event, please contact us at  . CBS Postdocs and Research Associates, SAVE THE DATE for the upcoming events:

2019 CBS Postdoc Symposium

The UMN Postdoctoral Association, UMN Medical School Office of Professional Development, and Office of Postdoctoral Initiatives also host networking and career development events. 

Upcoming Webinars and Online Events: 

April 24, 2020: Plant Sciences (Virtual) Symposium. Plant Breeding: Perspectives from Industry and Academia Register:

April 29, 2020: Purpose in Times of Uncertainty Webinar. 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. Join Bakken Center Senior Fellow Richard Leider for a session on the three invaluable life lessons learned that you can apply immediately to live and lead with purpose. Register: 

April 30, 2020: Preparing a successful external fellowship application workshop. 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Register:

April 30, 2020: Boreas Lunch & Learn: In My Opinion. Learn how to write a persuasive op-ed. Register here:

May 5, 2020: Developing Intercultural Competence. Register:

May 7, 2020: Cognitive flexibility and creativity: A path to success. Finish your spring semester by reflecting on how being creative and cognitively flexible may help you be successful in life. This webinar will help you know how to master such important skills, consider how you will demonstrate this to your next employer and win the position using the skills need.

May 8, 2020: Boreas Workshop: The Mindful Leader. Register here:

May 8, 2020: 13th Annual NIH Career Symposium: The NIH Career Symposium highlights the diversity of career choices available to your generation of biomedical researchers. Whether you are a postdoc or clinical fellow just beginning to consider career options, or a senior fellow ready to look for a job, the NIH Career Symposium is for you. The NIH invites any postdoc, clinical fellow or PhD-level graduate student to join us, regardless if you are part of the NIH intramural program or not. This event is free to attend.

Check out these suggestions on how to make the most of your time  from the Grad School: