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Itasca Retreat

Retreat to Itasca on Sept 18th-20th for networking, career development workshops and grant/paper writing sessions at the beautiful Itasca Biological Station. No attendance fee - all travel, accommodation and food will be provided.

Unable to attend this retreat? No worries - workshops on Sept 19th will be available on campus. Please sign up with a brief description on how this event and workshops will help your career HERE.

When: September 18 - 20 2019
Where: Itasca Biological Station. Workshops will also be available on the St. Paul Campus
Current schedule
Wednesday, Sept 18th
            1pm                   First departure option: leave campus in vans to drive to Itasca
            6pm                   Dinner at Itasca Biological Station
            7pm - 8pm        Panel on networking
Thursday, Sept 19th
            6am                   Second departure option: leave campus in vans to drive to Itasca
            10am - 12pm   Workshop session 1
                                       Option A - "How to manage a lab" with Victoria McGovern (available at Itasca and UMN campus) 
                                       Option B - "LinkedIn Profile Magic" with Mari Ruddy (Itasca and UMN campus)
            12pm - 2pm      Lunch and free time
            2pm - 4pm        Workshop session 2
                                        Option A - Lesson in Science communication and nature walk with Connie Cox (only at Itasca)
                                        Option B - "From Lab to Impact: building skills to bring innovations to market" with Carla Pavone 
                                                           (Itasca and UMN campus)
                                        Option C - "Develop your science communication skills" with Claire Wilson (at Itasca) and 
                                                           Michael Winikoff (UMN campus) 
            4pm - 6pm         Free time for writing, exploring Itasca, and networking 
            6pm                    Dinner
            7pm - 8pm         Diverse career paths panel
Friday, Sept 20th
           morning              Write and enjoy Itasca. Leave for the Twin Cities mid morning with packed lunches. 

Space at Itasca is limited! Preference will be given to postdocs and research associates in 1) the College of Biological Sciences, 2) the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, and 3) the Medical School who apply by August 16 and explain how being at Itasca Biological Station would be beneficial to their professional development. After August 16, interested postdocs and research associates from other colleges who sign up before August 30 will be considered.

Life Scientist Postdoc and Research Associate Itasca Retreat