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Academic courses

Students are required to complete three Dean's Scholars courses and one career planning course throughout their four years in CBS. The courses are designed to be manageable when combined with the courseload of a typical CBS major. Each class is 1-2 credits, meets once per week, and is graded pass/fail.

Biol 1301 – Becoming a Reflective Leader, 1 credit

This course is designed for students to learn about leadership theory and concepts, explore personal views on leadership, and understand the value of self-reflection in personal development. The course will provide students with a framework to increase their understanding of leadership and examine how they can be more intentional about their leadership development. Sample syllabus.

Biol 2301 – Leadership and Service, 2 credits

This course is designed for students to reflect on the importance of civic responsibility and service in leadership, understand how personal experiences influence perspectives on social issues, and learn techniques for effective group work. The course provides students an opportunity to partner with a community organization during the semester based on articulated service outcomes. Sample syllabus.

Biol 3302 – Leadership for Change, 1 credit

This course and final project are designed to synthesize the work students have completed during their participation in the Dean’s Scholars program and throughout their undergraduate studies. Students will consider personal perspectives about leadership, citizenship, and change. By using students’ previous experiences and perspectives, students will consider the leadership necessary for the 21st century, their previous and future growth as a leader, and their role in shaping the future. Different aspects of leadership will be explored, including individual strengths and weaknesses, leadership identity, and articulating a vision for and commitment to change.  Sample syllabus.