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Enrollment in BIOL 4003 Genetics and BIOL 4004 Cell Biology

Enforced prerequisite for BIOL 4003 Genetics

  1. Students who have declared one of the following majors will automatically have access to open seats: All CBS majors, animal science, applied plant science, BA biology, BA microbiology, nutrition, physiology, or biology/society/environment
  2. Other students can request a seat in BIOL 4003 by sending an email to with the following information:
    1. Name
    2. Desired section number of BIOL 4003 and an alternate section if possible (e.g. 002 preferred, 004 alternate)

    * You will receive a permission number via email if you have completed BIOC 3021 Biochemistry or an equivalent course at another school and there is space in your desired or alternate section.

Gaining access to closed sections of BIOL 4003 Genetics and BIOL 4004 Cell Biology

Enrollment will begin without waitlists for all sections. If your desired section is full please add yourself to the waitlist. As seats become available from turnover, permission numbers will be sent out via email to students according to the prioritization listed below.

  1. Priority on the waitlist will be given to students who are required to take BIOL 4003 or 4004 and will be eligible to graduate during the semester of enrollment (an application for degree needs to be submitted)
  2. Secondary priority will be given to students who need BIOL 4003 or 4004 to maintain degree progress.