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One-Time-Only (OTO) Late Drop

Each student may, once during their undergraduate enrollment, withdraw from a course without college approval, and receive the transcript symbol “W”, after the tenth week of the class and at any time up to and including the last day of class for that course. This option is referred to as the One Time Only (OTO) Late Drop.

It’s strongly recommended that students meet with a CBS advisor during drop-in advising hours to discuss all options before using the OTO drop. The OTO Late Drop is an option for students to drop a course if they are potentially failing a course, but have not experienced extenuating circumstances that have prevented them from succeeding in the course (e.g. “I just got in over my head this semester”).

Students must submit the online OTO late drop request form before the last day of class for the specific course in order to use their OTO Late Drop. The OTO Late Drop cannot be used during or after finals week.

NOTE: International students must also discuss any course cancellations with the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) office prior to using their One-Time-Only Late Drop.