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National Conference on Undergraduate Research

Each Spring, the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) sponsors a national meeting (usually around the beginning of April) exclusively for undergraduate students to come together and present the results of their research. Regardless of whether you participated in research through directed research, a UROP, or volunteering, presenting at this conference is a great opportunity to network with peers and faculty from around the country, and to showcase your hard work.

To apply to present at NCUR, you must submit an official abstract. You should work with your faculty mentor to write and submit an abstract based on the results of your research. The deadline for abstract submission is around the beginning of December each year. Additionally, each year CBS will provide full funding to a handful of CBS students to present their work at NCUR. Applications for CBS NCUR funding are due in mid December of each year.

NCUR 2019: April 10-13th, Kennesaw State University

NCUR Abstract Deadline: Tuesday December 6th.
Submit NCUR Abstracts here.

For CBS Students, please list CBS Research Coorindator (, 612-624-9717) as the Undergraduate Research Office Coordinator.

CBS NCUR Funding Deadline: 11:59pm Sunday December 16th
Submit your application here.
CBS is able to provide full support for a small number of students who are accepted to present at NCUR. To apply for CBS NCUR funding, you need to submit an additional funding application to CBS, in addition to submitting your abstract to NCUR.

CBS Student Presentations
Coming soon!

NCUR 2018: April 4-8th, University of Central Oklahoma

CBS Student Presentations - NCUR 2018
Click here for full abstracts.

Hosam Alkhatib
Presentation: “Improving disadvantaged middle-school students’ academic habits and interests in STEM through engaging STEM-related experiences in a university setting.”
Poster: “Investigating fatty acid export following lipid droplet degradation in skeletal muscle.” 

Ella Borgenheimer
Poster: “Tracking cell lineages of differentiated progenitor cells of the embryonic mouse thalamus.” 

Christina Landis
Poster: “Determining the effect of A3B overexpression on the mutational landscape of ovarian and fallopian tube epithelial cells in vivo.”

Samantha Lee
Poster: “Rapid generation of multiplexed and conditional CRISPR transgenic mouse models.”

Ajinkya Limkar
Poster: “Development of vaccines for treatment of opioid abuse using carrier proteins suitable for pharmaceutical manufacturing and clinical use.” 

Lauren Madden
Poster: “Orientation selective spinal cord stimulation.” 

Clairice Pearce
Poster: “Analyzing the potentiality of Zika virus infection in the human medulloblastoma.” 

Livia Songster
Poster: “Role of MyTH4-FERM myosin in filopodia initiation within Dictyostelium discoideum.” 

Sophia Vrba
Poster: “Development of a Pichinde virus-based vaccine vector for the treatment of tuberculosis.”