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CBS Employer-Student Networking Event

Join the CBS Career Team and the CBS Student Board as we host the first employer networking event created just for CBS students. This is a unique opportunity to network with science employers who are interested in hiring interns or soon to be graduates studying the biological sciences.  Not sure about networking? Prior to the arrival of the employers we will have a networking practice session to warm up with CBS Career Coach, Rebecca Dordel.

Be prepared and review the list of the employers and their websites ahead of time, which will be posted at the following link:

Event Details

Lunch will be provided for all registered guests, who register by Friday, February 16. (You are welcome to register after February 16 but are not guaranteed lunch) Register at

Event Agenda

  • 11:00 a.m-11:10 p.m.- Student Check-In
  • 11: 10 a.m-11:45 p.m.- Practice Networking Session for Students (Optional)
  • 11:45 a.m- Employers Arrive and Check-In and Lunch for all
  • 12 p.m- Networking Kick-Off and Employer Introductions
  • 12 p.m- 1 p.m- Open Networking

At the Practice Networking Session you will:

  • Learn the Do’s and Don’t of networking  
  • Practice your professional introduction/elevator pitch
  • Learn how to talk about your experiences,  what to ask, and how to follow up

What are the benefits of attending the CBS Student-Employer Networking Event?

  1. Gain experience and confidence having a conversation with a professional you don’t know before you have to do it for a job interview or career fair.
  2. Learn about companies you could work for so you know where to look when you’re ready to apply for a job or internship.
  3. Learn more specific information about what a company does to increase your understanding of what industry science is or options with a bachelor’s degree.
  4. Begin the process of building relationships so if/when you apply for a position at a company you can reach out to that person for advice or mention your interaction in application materials.
  5. Provides an in person opportunity to connect with professionals who are in a position to hire and increase your hireability versus cold applying online
  6. Opportunity to gather contact information from recruiters  to send follow up communication