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CBS Affinity Group for Black Students, Indigenous Students, and Students of Color

Created in Spring 2019, the CBS Affinity Group for Black Students, Indigenous Students, and Students of Color is a space for students to come together both virtually and in person to share their experiences as CBS students. Each month, students are invited to attend our in-person affinity group gatherings. Students should come ready to listen & discuss, give & receive support, and build community.

Between gatherings, students are encouraged to utilize the Google Group to engage with other members of the affinity group. All approved members have access to send messages to the group, and are encouraged to do so! This email group will also be used by staff to send updates regarding the affinity group and other opportunities for BIPOC students in CBS.

This group is open to all CBS students who identify as Black, Indigenous, or a person of color. To receive updates and participate in this community, please join our email list.