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BIOL 3610: Professional Experience in the Biological Sciences

Advisor reviews student's résumé

Interested in earning credit for your biology related internship this semester? Consider registering for BIOL 3610 Internship: Professional Experience in Biological Sciences!

This S/N course allows students to engage in structured reflection and career development throughout the internship experience while earning credit. A student must secure their own internship which can be paid, unpaid or stipend and intern a minimum of 150 hours over at least 10 weeks.

  • Schedule an appointment with BIOL 3610 instructor, Kirsten Petersen, here
  • Gain approval of internship experience through Handshake Experience “BIOL 3610 Internship-Professional Experience in Biological Sciences”. Refer to course instructions
  • Once your experience has been approved, you will receive a permission number to register for the course. 

To learn more or to schedule an appointment with the instructor, Kirsten Petersen ( call the CBS Student Services Front Desk at 612-624-9717 or schedule online.