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The CBS Research Experience

Interested in directed research? Hear from current CBS undergraduates about how they found a faculty lab, what attracts them to research and their advice to fellow undergraduates considering directed research.

Joseph Navratil - Genetics, Cell Biology and Development Major, Pharmacology Minor - Transfer Student - Class of 2015 - McLoon Lab - Determining the role of MyoD in the regeneration of extraocular muscles

Ayo Gazal - Neuroscience Major - Class of 2015 - Vitek Lab - The effect of Parkinson's Disease on gait in non-human primates.



Rachel Soble - Genetics, Cell Biology and Development Major; Computer Science Major - Class of 2015 - Gralnick Lab - Engineering Bacterial Cooperation - 2014 Goldwater Scholar

Benjamin Akhuetie-Oni - Biochemistry Major - Class of 2015 - Hendrickson Lab - Genetic Engineering in the DNA Double-Stranded Break Repair Pathway

Ravi Patel - Biochemistry Major, Pharmacology Minor - Class of 2013 - Burkhard Seelig Lab - Engineering and evolving proteins in the lab

Student research @ CBS- Margaret Shevik