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Transfer Course Evaluations

If your academic advisor recommended you have transfer courses evaluated for direct equivalency to a CBS course, please follow the instructions below to submit a transfer course evaluation. You must be a current or admitted student to request an evaluation.

CBS can only evaluate courses for equivalency to U of M courses with the following designators:

  • BIOC - Biochemistry
  • BIOL - Biology
  • EEB – Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
  • GCD – Genetics, Cell Biology & Development
  • MICB – Microbiology
  • NSCI – Neuroscience
  • PMB – Plant & Microbial Biology (formerly PBIO courses)

If you need to have Human Anatomy & Physiology courses evaluated for equivalency to ANAT or PHSL courses, please contact the Department of Integrative Biology and Physiology which reviews those courses. Transfer courses in physiology that align with current CBS courses, such as microbial or animal physiology, may still be submitted to CBS for review.


Steps for requesting an evaluation:

  1. Gather evaluation materials. You must provide a detailed course syllabus showing the breakdown of topics covered in lecture and lab each week, textbook used and chapters covered, course description, expected learning outcomes, prerequisites, etc. If the course had a lab component, be sure to include information for the lab.

    Biochemistry and microbiology transfer course evaluations also require examples of coursework to determine the appropriate course level. Problem sets, exams, and examples of lab work may all be considered.

    If you do not have these materials, please contact your previous instructor or the department offering the course to request the information.
  2. Fill out this Transfer Course Evaluation. Non-CBS students may use the Evaluation of Credits form instead (obtained from your college advisor).

    Use one form for each course unless a pair of courses is required together for evaluation. For example, General Biology I & II from your transfer institution being evaluated as a pair for BIOL 1009 transfer credit.
  3. ​Submit your evaluation form and course materials to CBS Student Services in room 3-104 of the Molecular & Cellular Biology building (MCB). CBS Student Services can make a copy of your syllabus if you’d like to keep the original.

Results: When the evaluation is completed by the designated faculty, CBS Student Services will notify you of the decision through U of M email. Transfer course evaluations typically take 2-4 weeks to complete. Course materials will only be returned if requested when the evaluation is submitted.

If you have any questions on this process, please contact CBS Student Services at 612-624-9717.