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Cedar Creek Graduate Fellows

Interested in developing your skills as a mentor and sharing your research experience with motivated undergraduate students?


Become a Cedar Creek Graduate Fellow!


Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve (CCESR) is now accepting applications for our summer 2018 Graduate Fellows Program. This program provides partial summer support for graduate students who are conducting thesis research at Cedar Creek to mentor undergraduate student researchers. 

Applications are invited from CCESR graduate student researchers at any stage of a graduate program. Funding is available for up to six summer Fellowships at 25% effort (10 hours per week). Requests for half-time appointments will also be considered. Graduate Fellows are strongly encouraged to live on-site because this helps build the CCESR research community. Free on-site summer housing will be provided to all Graduate Fellows.

Together, the team of Graduate Fellows will:

  • mentor undergraduate interns pursuing independent research projects throughout the summer;
  • organize a research symposium at the beginning of the summer in which faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate students present results from their ongoing studies at Cedar Creek;
  • organize a weekly seminar series;
  • offer weekly workshops that provide formal training on research proposal writing, reading journal articles, data analysis, poster presentations, and oral presentations; and
  • organize a research symposium at the end of the summer in which undergraduate student researchers present the findings of their independent research projects.

To apply, please email your application as a single PDF by February 1, 2018 to Forest Isbell ( Your application should include your CV and the completed application form: File CCESR_GradFellowApplicationForm.docx. Decisions will be made by the end of February.


Previous Graduate Fellows

Summer 2017

  • George Furey, Seminar Series and Program Development
  • Kaitlin Kimmel, Cedar Creek Research Symposium
  • Shan Kothari, Cedar Creek Research Symposium
  • Craig See, Intern Research Symposium
  • Cristy Portales, Workshop Series
  • Seth Thompson, Coordinate Research Proposals and Mentors


Summer 2016

  • George Furey, Graduate Fellow Program Development
  • Siddharth Iyengar, Seminar Series
  • Kaitlin Kimmel, Intern Research Symposium
  • Shan Kothari, Workshop Series
  • Cristy Portales, Cedar Creek Research Symposium
  • Yi Yang, Cedar Creek Research Symposium


Summer 2015

  • Clare Kazanski, Cedar Creek Research Symposium
  • Cristy Portales, Cedar Creek Research Symposium
  • Xiaojing Wei, Workshop Series
  • Leslie Forero, Seminar Series and Intern Research Symposium
  • Yi Yang, Intern Research Reading Group and Intern Research Symposium