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Research and Education Facilities

Itasca Biological Station and Laboratories features technology-enabled classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, a computer lab with high-speed Internet connection and a library for students and researchers.


Eleven well-equipped laboratories are located in six buildings. Nine labs are available for instruction and research from May through October. A fine herbarium of the region and collections of insects, birds, mammals, algae, fish, reptiles and amphibians are available for study. The Lakeside Laboratory houses two labs for research ranging from aquatic ecology to molecular genetics. Station equipment includes necessary compound and dissecting microscopes, collecting apparatus, various types of nets, boats and other accessories for instruction and research.

Advanced students and research workers needing laboratory space and special equipment should make prior arrangements with Lesley Knoll, Station Biologist. A research application must be completed before initiating research projects.

Computer lab

A high-speed wireless network serves virtually all of the station facilities including lab spaces and living quarters. The network is connected to the University of Minnesota via a T1 line. Computer workstations are available year around in the Library, Lakeside Laboratory and the Computer Lab. Computer workstations are also available during the summer months in most classrooms.


The library, located in the Campus Center, is stocked with important journals and books basic to fieldwork. Library resources includes a map collection, reprints of 900 published research papers and theses, and the Itasca Biological Station series of more than 2,000 student research projects. Click here to go to the ISBL Library homepage.