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Instructor Profiles

MUIR EATON Muir Eaton, Associate Professor at Drake University
515-271-2821 |

Research interests focus on the evolution of characteristics among birds, ranging from plumage coloration to ecological niches, using a comparative phylogenetic approach. (EEB 4844 Ornithology)

hembreLeif Hembre, Professor at Hamline University

651-523-2254 |

Research interests include the evolutionary biology of organisms that alternate between asexual and sexual reproduction, aquatic ecology, acoustic analyses of zooplankton, and invertebrate biology. (EEB 3807 Ecology)

WhittakerJoe Whittaker, Associate Professor at Concordia College, Moorhead

Research interests include the natural history and ecology of small mammals. Much of Joe’s research has focused on the population dynamics and habitat use of shrews and voles. He is an alum of IBSL, and his Master’s field research was conducted near the Itasca Biological Station. He earned his M.S. at the University of Minnesota, Duluth and completed his PhD in Zoology from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. (EEB 4839 Field Mammalogy)

BRIAN WISENDENBrian D. Wisenden, Professor at Minnesota State University, Moorhead

Interested in behavioral ecology of fishes including patterns of parental care, mating systems, chemically-mediated predator-prey interactions and host-parasite interactions. (EEB 3811 Animal Behavior)