Introduction to Wild Rice Research

Project Title: Genetic Diversity, Conservation and Threats to Wild Rice
Project Number: # 068 - C1+2

This webpage is about a wild rice research project funded by the State of Minnesota. The work we are doing is reported to this website as: a) the original proposal that has the research abstract, the proposal and the curriculum vitae of the three researchers working on the proposal; and b) all results that become available during the course of the research. This project was funded by the Legislative and Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources from funds from the Environmental and Natural Resources Trust Fund.

In 1988, 77% of Minnesota voters approved a constitutional amendment establishing the Environmental and Natural Resources Trust Fund (Article XI, Sec. 14) - a constitutionally dedicated fund that originates from a combination of Minnesota State Lottery proceeds and investment income. The purpose of the ENRTF is to provide a long-term, consistent, and stable source of funding for activities that protect, conserve, preserve, and enhance Minnesota's "air, water, land, fish, wildlife, and other natural resources" for the benefit of current citizens and future generations. Since 1991, the ENRTF has provided more than $360 million to more than 800 projects around the state.


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