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Please visit our online database of Itasca Faculty Papers, where you may view, print, export and sort through a comprehensive bibliography of works and theses published by Itasca faculty to date. The bibliography includes citations from an appendix of unpublished reports, compilations and miscellaneous material concerning the Itasca region.

Please note that while the database is open access for viewing to all visitors, the Find It button for linking to full-text documents will function only for visitors with a current University of Minnesota email username and password.

This station bibliography does not include the approximately 2,500 Student Research Papers available in a separate online database.

Any additions or corrections to the Itasca Faculty Papers bibliography should be forwarded to: Director Biesboer, University of Minnesota, Itasca Biological Station and Laboratories, 28131 University Circle, Lake Itasca, Minnesota 56470.

These references were originally prepared by:

Jon Ross
Judith B. Haroldson

University of Minnesota
Itasca Biological Station and Laboratories
(formerly Lake Itasca Forestry and Biological Station)

Sheila Stewart
University of Minnesota
College of Biological Sciences


We would like to thank Jake Wigglesworth and especially Dr. Arthur Johnson for their assistance with proofreading the manuscript. Special thanks are due to Tom Eagle for solving our computer and software problems and to Drs. John Tester and Donald Siniff for guidance. Henry Hansen provided uniquely helpful input on early forestry publications, especially those projects that were conducted jointly at Itasca and the Cloquet Forestry Center. We would also like to thank the numerous reviewers who took the time to evaluate the manuscript for completeness in their fields of interest. Finally, we are grateful to Carol Fleming from the Cedar Creek Natural History Area for typing the original manuscript and the several revisions and updates. Funding for this project was originally provided by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources - Non Game Wildlife Program.


Information for this bibliography came from many individuals and sources, but principally from the following:

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Additional citations were obtained from material in the Itasca Station Library and Resident Biologist's files.