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LSSURP online application instructions


All steps below need to be completed to submit an application. 

 1. Click on the “Register for LSSURP Application” link. You will register for the application using this link.  Remember the password you created and the email you register with, these will be needed to login to the LSSURP Application.

 2. To help you during the application process, here is a pdf of the online Application. This will assist you in preparing your information to complete the application.

 3.  There are 8 sections to the application and each section must be completed before you can continue onto the next section. The first several sections are basic information about yourself, i.e. demographics, academics, & research interests. Remember to check out the Program Descriptions for summer 2017. You will need to select up to 3 choices and rank them in order of preference.

 4. For the final sections you should prepare your Personal Statement & Biographical Sketch.  You will need to cut and paste into the field boxes provided (the field boxes are small, just cut and paste your complete document into the field box, we will be able to retrieve the whole document).

 5. Upload an unofficial transcript.  Please save the document with your last name, first name and then TX.  For example, Evelyn Juliussen is submitting her transcript.  The document would be saved as follows: JuliussenEvelynTX.pdf.  If your institution only sends out electronic unofficial transcript, please submit via email to If admitted you will be required to submit an official transcript before your arrival on campus.

 6. If you need to complete your application at a later time, close out of your browser (Quit the program).  Your information will be saved where you left off by pressing the "Save & Continue" button at any time.  To get back into the application, click on "Complete Online Application" again and login using the same email and password that you registered with. 

 7. Once you have filled out all the required fields in the application press submit and you will receive a message at the end that you have submitted the online portion of your application. Make sure to complete step 8!

 8. Print letter of recommendation instructions (PDF) and give to two (2) faculty members to fill out and return to our office electronically.

If you have any questions or are having problems submitting your application please contact our office at