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MD/PhD Program Recruitment Luncheon

What: Information session for those interested in learning more about the MD/PhD career track
When: Friday, TBD; noon-1:30 pm
Where: TBD

Come meet the Director of Combined MD/PhD Training Program and a panel of current MD/PhD students who will talk about the physician-scientist career path.

This program is one of several national programs funded by a Medical Scientist Training Program grant from the National Institutes of Health. The program combines—in about eight years—coursework, fundamental biomedical research, and clinical training culminating in a dissertation, a PhD degree, and an MD degree. Students accepted into the program receive a yearly stipend in addition to tuition and fees paid for by the program throughout the training period. The program trains future academic physician-scientists.

Contact person: Susan Shurson, Assistant Director, MD/PhD Program
Telephone: 612-625-3680

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